Water Damage – Learn when to call Water Damage Restoration Professional

Water Damage – Learn when to call Water Damage Restoration Professional

It is quite amazing how much damage a little harmless water can do to your home or office. Imagine what devastation a surge of water from a cracked pipe or a leaking roof can cause. If you walk around the home and find flooded floors, wet walls, or soaked furniture; the first feeling is to start cleaning up the mess. And sort out the reason, also find a company for such water damage restoration if needed professional help.

However, if you find yourself in such situation, think wisely before taking matters into your hands. There might be several reasons for hiring a professional water damage restoring company to handle the situation properly.

Common Causes of Water Damage

Some of the main reasons for water damage are;

Broken Pipes

Old pipes can break easily and cause a water supply to burst for numerous reasons. This could happen due to freezing temperatures or might be the pipes are worn down.

Issues in the Plumbing System 

If some plumbing matters occur inside the wall, it is hard for you to detect. So,calling a professional team is a far better option to detect hoses and pipe joints because they might not remain fully attached. 


Heating, ventilation and air conditioner units are the common cause of water damage. In particular, air conditioners need a regular service, and if not maintained they can cause moisture build-up. And the moment when this moisture cools, it can interact with mold spores in the ducts which encourage mold to grow. 

Natural Disasters

Mother nature is quite unpredictable, and that’s why plenty of homeowners depend on water damage repair services in flooding or monsoon season. Rapid flooding or some other severe water damage disasters need an immediate response. 

Flooded Appliances

Electric appliances are designed to make our lives easier but they can be a reason for water damage sometimes. Refrigerator and dishwasher can leak or your toilet can overflow. Even a washing machine can succumb to water damage if the supply source gives way, which is enough to flood your laundry room and sometimes the entire home.Keep a check on your home appliances, it is better for your safety and money.

Drainage Problems

It's not even pleasant to think about, but sewer pipe backups are often happening by the roots blocking drains. You could have also experienced this after a severe thunderstorm. This is not just a disgusting but a very serious health risk which must not be neglected. 
If you ever face any damage from your sewer, don’t try to handle the problem by yourself; there are people who can do the job more professionally.

Basements or Attic Concerns

These sections of a home are more prone to water damage like basements or crawl spaces (areas, builders add beneath homes that allow workers to put pipes and wires). Crawl spaces allow mold to grow efficiently and cause structural damage. Because the moisture drip through the concrete foundation can be the major reason for basement leakages.It is advised to check your home intermittently and look for fixtures to avoid future problems. 

Categories of Water Damage

Water damage restoration depends on the severity of the damage itself.

Category 1 – damage means the water is moderately clean that doesn’t have any health risks. Such water damage refers to issues like an overflowing bathtub or a flooded washing machine. 

Category 2 – damage is a bit severe and refers to gray water and not considered clean. Such water tends to cause some health problems for those who come in contact with it. You might need to replace the floor, furniture, or appliances.

Category 3 – the worst damage possible here. You can see the black water which is highly contaminated and this can be a result of sewerage overflow. Such water not only damages the objects but also causes a problem to the structure of the home.

Most people don’t give water damage a second thought until they experience a mold outbreak, the floor sagging around a toilet or water stains on the ceiling. But till then there is a lot of damage occurred which could have been prevented if paid some attention.

So, when you should call a water damage professional?

Well, not if there is a spilled soda glass. The professionals recommend that restoration services must be called if there is any doubt and you could not figure out leakage of water or wet carpet, by doing so you can save repair costs and your belongings.
When it comes to water damage repair services, you should consider people with a proven track record of getting problem to solve immediately.

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