Top 5 Mobile Games to Play on Summer 2020

Top 5 Mobile Games to Play on Summer 2020

Due to this pandemic, a lot of our 2020 plans got ruined. The majority of us are in our homes attempting to invest our energy accomplishing something we like or something gainful. However, we can only do so much to entertain ourselves while staying inside. At one point, I’m pretty sure we all got tired of doing the same thing, again and again, to get rid of our boredom. As a result, I’m now going to suggest five interesting mobile games, online and offline that will help you go through these tough times somewhat simpler.  You can also check out these top 10 best free to play mobile games in 2020

Sky: Children of the Light

This game might be one of the most mesmerizing and artistically pleasing, online games to play in the summer of 2020. When I crave to go outside, I start playing this game. It makes me bind to my seat and appreciate its world of beauty and grace. During the exploration, I can only gawk at its breath-taking scenarios and lose myself in it. 
Sky lets you connect you with other players. For them to glide in the sky, alongside you into your vast journey of the game’s open world. A positive side is that you are not bound to make friends. That is just an additional feature that enhances your journey. 

It is to be noticed that Sky isn’t a combat game, so if you are looking for that then it is simply not the one. Another similar thing is that your character has no health or experience bar. Your character has a winged cape that lets you fly across the sky and go to its seven realms. Your job is to find the lost and fallen stars and send them back to their constellations. 
Even though the task seems pretty simple, it does not feel dull or boring. It can be easily said that this game creates escapism for its players, which most of us need in these dire times. 

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery 

Tiny Room Stories is an offline, puzzle, mobile game. Within the first few minutes of playing, the game shows its detective genre with a dash of sims, and finally labyrinthine puzzling mechanics. The players need to use logic, observation, quick recognition of the environment and think outside the box. 
The story starts when we, roleplaying as a young detective, receives a letter from his father. It tells us to immediately go to the town of Redcliff. Upon reaching it, however, we find that the place is deserted with its streets bare, and no signs of life anywhere. From there begins our investigation. 

 The game comprises six chapters in six different locations of the town. Our job is to find the necessary clues and hints from the place. To find out what exactly happened that caused the disappearance. The graphics of the game lets you rotate the environment in a rather 3D view. This makes you see the necessary details in the place and find the shreds of evidence. Although it might seem a bit overwhelming at first, you will get used to it after a while. A must play mobile game of 2020. 

Legends of Runeterra 

Legends of Runeterra (LoR) is an online, mobile, card game. It is derived and placed into the same universe of Riot's other game, League of Legends. Personally, my relationship with the card game is not a very nice one. Card games are either one of the best or worst creations of humankind. We can’t say which side is true since majorly there are only two kinds of reviews. Boring & intangible or enjoyable & tactical. 

How to play

Regardless, this particular card game did not feel too complicated to me nor tedious. While you have a random distribution of cardsin most games, LoR seems to narrow it down with its make your own deck. When starting, you and your opponent's nexus will have 20 health. You win by making the opposition's nexus health reduce to 0 or making sure that they don’t have any more cards to draw from their deck. Every match starts with 1 mana and you will only be able to choose cards costing 1 in that round. There’s a huge variety of cards and to combine and make a deck that plays to your favor is one of the achievements in this game. 

It is pretty similar to other card games, consisting of cards that will attack when summoned before the enemy does. Some that will only block enemy attacks, some that will only attack, some creating barriers, while some challenging others against them.However, the difference between this and the rest would be how you will not feel cheated by an unfair advantage or overwhelmed against an opponent. Instead, you will find yourself trying to shuffle your deck that will create a better strategy in your next challenge. This is a game I will recommend to card game players who will love it, and also non-card game players who like me will grow to bear and enjoy card games. For more in-depth mobile gaming reviews of different mobile games check out fixfreetoplay. 

Dentures and Demons

Dentures and demons is a detective, adventure game. This is an offline mobile game filled with puzzles and arcades which will captivate you. With the graphics pixelated there is a hit of nostalgia that is quite difficult to explain. Nonetheless, it should be kept in mind that this game does not have a friendly language. It consists of dark humor, sarcasm, and similar things. In simple terms, it is not a very children-friendly game. Thus, if you’re easily offended then it is better to ignore this game. 
The players play as Detective Junior Peexelated, with whom you investigate a strange case of a few dangerous people. The story is filled with mystery and thrill with the case becoming darker every chapter. This game is not like the usual where you force your way through the challenges as it requires wit and patience. It contains a variety of puzzles and scenarios which you have to think through step by step as it slowly sheds light on the answers. There are hidden achievements in the game which you may or may not unlock, but it doesn’t affect the overall story. It is the game’s humor and inappropriateness which makes it more fun to play as it is not very common. One of the best games to play to poke your brain and kill time.

Alto's Odyssey 

Alto’s Odyssey is rather a simple, offline game. It is an endless runner genre. Although it was released in February 2018, it is quite an interesting game to play. I am quite a fan of endless runner games as it makes me quite competitive against other players playing the game. Similar to Temple Run and Subway Surfers. The scenes are brilliant with its excellent color palette, and the soft music makes you feel quite at ease and more concentrated. Just what you need while playing it. 
The gameplay needs you to surf on dunes and avoid running into stones, falling into pits, and simply losing your balance trying to do a backflip. The requirements are quite simple. All you need to do is collect coins, keep your stamina in check, balance on balloon ropes, and bounce on them. As simplistic as it seems, the game is not easy like most. It requires practice and quite a bit of skill. A great mobile game to pass your time similar to Clash Royale.

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