Top 5 Fastest Courier Services in India in 2020

Top 5 Fastest Courier Services in India in 2020

It is a well-known fact that India is one of the largest markets in the world where one can find plenty of customers. The range of customers in India is so varied that one can find a customer base for any product being sold. This led to the mushrooming of courier services companies in India. The list of top 5 courier services companies are provided below. 

If you are looking for a courier delivery services company that offers pick up services from your home itself, then Delhivery is the right choice. Also, the company has a team dedicated to packaging services alone. The company has facilities to handle packages with more than 2 kgs of load with much ease. Though the company was started only in the year 2011, it spread its wings all over the country expanding branches. Also, it is one of the largest companies in India for digital commerce. 

This is one of the largest networks of logistics companies in India. If you are impressed with the kind of delivery services provided by Amazon and Flipkart, then without any second thought, you need to opt for Getgo Logistics. Also, it is one of the best companies to choose from if you are opting for bulk delivery services. The company also provides COD for twice a week. The price for 500 gms is only INR 22 which makes it one of the cost-effective companies. 

Overseas Logistics is one of the best companies in the delivery services domain that provides door to door services. If you are looking forward to delivering documents in the doorstep, then you need to pick up one of the reliable delivery services personnel as the document should not get damaged or lost. The company headquartered in Delhi is undoubtedly the best in the regional courier delivery services list. The company has tied up with the best airlines, shipping, and truck services company which enables swift delivery. The international consignments are also delivered most swiftly. 

FedEx is one of the best courier delivery services company if you are shipping your goods to foreign lands. The company owns its line of airlines that enables the most speed delivery from one part of the world to another. Be it a parcel of needle size or any huge packages that weigh in hundreds, FedEx has it all. Heavy prices are not swindled from the customers for the kind of service they offer. 

BlueDart is a courier services company that had its humble beginnings in one of the largest cities in India, Chennai. The company soon established itself and set up delivery centers all over Asia and eventually became one of Asia’s largest courier services company. The company is known to deliver to 220 plus countries at the cheapest price possible. It was recently acquired by DHL. 

These are the courier delivery services companies that are highly preferred by the people who are running a big business and small-time businesses as well. Name any attribute that describes a good courier delivery services company, these companies offer it all. 

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