Top 10 - 4 Wheelers that can be easily converted in a Camping Van

Top 10 - 4 Wheelers that can be easily converted in a Camping Van

Do you want to travel to the countryside this year? If yes then a camping van will make it easier and more entertaining. Many people are fond of camping and the best thing about this is that it provides the utmost convenience while on the go. If you have done camping before, I am sure that it would be some of the best moments of your life.

Campers love to travel throughout the year but the summer month is more appealing compared to the rest of the months. Camping vans are just awesome and these days renting a CV has become easy. If you own a camping van then it's great, but renting it also won't make a huge difference.

Transforming your four-wheeler into a CV is another great option and that would be a lot easier than buying a new one. Not all vehicles are eligible for a camping van transformation and hence I have listed the top 10 of them below. This post about the top 10 four-wheelers that can be easily converted into a camping van will help you go with a suitable vehicle to be transformed into a mini home on wheels.

1.GMC Savana

A cargo van is a top contender when it comes to the eligible vehicles for converting it into a camping van. A cargo van will let you access huge space for carving out a great CV and undoubtedly space matters a lot for camping vans. The GMC Savana equipped with a powerful engine and advanced safety technology could be the best four-wheeler to be converted in a CV.
With a fuel tank capacity of 31 gallons and great mileage, the GMC Savana lets its users roam continuously and cover a huge distance before refueling. Call the professionals and get your GMC van to be transformed into a comfy camping van and hit the road once done.

2.Force Matador

This iconic van is being used for multiple purposes and can be proved a great camping van, no doubt. Force is one of the renowned commercial vehicle brands and always offers the best quality. If you have an old Matador then converting it into a camping van could be the best compliment for this old champ.
Before upgrading the outer frame make sure to have a close inspection of the engine because it's an old breed and may need heavy duty fixing. Matador will provide great space for you and your friends both while running on the road and camping into the wilderness.

3.Winnebago Solis

When it comes to luxuries camping vans, nothing can beat the Winnebago vehicles. It's a predesigned and configured CV and almost needs no modification. Winnebago Solis is loaded with a lot of luxury CV features including heated bathroom, pop-up roof, movable front seats, reconfigurable bed, fully insulated walls, great plumbing, and more.

The pop-up roof is equipped with a 220 Watt solar panel which will help you keep your electronics devices juiced up throughout the whole journey. The Winnebago Solis is made to adapt to any environment, from shores to slops and from arid to tundra landscapes. Take your family and loved ones to any adventure and live some of the best moments of your life into the wild.

4. Tata Winger

Tata Wingers are mostly used for commercial purposes like an ambulance or school van but it can be carved into a great camping van. No need to buy a new one as you can buy the refurbished one and convert it into a camping van as you want.

The best thing about this vehicle is that it offers a lot of space and that the most required element for an ideal camping van.

5.Force Traveller

Here's another four-wheeler of the brand Force in the list and this time it is a Traveller 4020. The Traveller 4020 is a mini passenger bus usually used as a school bus. This run machine is equipped with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine that will never let you down. The twin blower air conditioner ensures better and uniform temperature control inside.

6. Airstream Interstate

While camping outside you may have to compromise with your comfort but Airstream will not let that happen. It is one of the most luxuries camping van featured in this list and outfitted with a lot of features including:

  • A well-equipped bathroom
  • Greatly furnished small kitchen
  • Comfy couch
  • Swiveling front seats
  • Largest bed possible
  • Water heater,
  • Truma furnace and many more

7.Sportsmobile Classic

A regular camping van may not be compatible with most of the landscape and weather. For example, you will need a completely different CV in the mountainous region compared to the plains. If you are planning to head towards the hills for camping this time, Sportsmobile could be the best device to go with.

This camping van is specially made for these kinds of terrains. The Sportsmobile Classic is made by using heavy-duty components which ensures maximum performance off-road and utmost comfort inside.

8.Mahindra Thar

If the journey is more adventurous you will need a sort of completely different vehicle. Mahindra Thar is a comparatively light-weight vehicle ad made for the most difficult terrains. The Mahindra Thar isn't a regular camping van but it can make its way to some of the most difficult off-road and topography, your regular CV just unable to do.


Modvans can be the best example when it comes to fully-equipped camping vans. The design is quite simple that it can even be carved out form a cargo van. If you don't want to do the up-gradation and want to buy a ready-made CV then choosing a Modvan could be a great idea.

The best thing about this vehicle is it can be used in multiple ways. Once you are done with your camping journey, remove the entire interior just by simply sliding it through the back door and there's your cargo van is ready to help you earn your living.

10. Mitsubishi Pajero

This heavy-duty vehicle lets your roam some of the most difficult wild roads and help you find the best camping spot. Although it's not an ideal camping vehicle it can make it possible for you to access some of the extreme and exclusive landscapes. You can easily mount a camping bed on the roof of this four-wheeler and store your camping essentials easily.

Bottom Line:

Traveling its good for our overall health and I think it heals our soul too. Some people like to do solo travel, on the other hand, many prefer traveling with family, friends, and loved ones. No matter whether you are the first or the other one, you must do a lot of travel kind of things including RVing, camping, hiking, cruising, long-distance travel, etc.
Camping is a popular form of travel for decades and people wanders just love to do it. For better camping experience, you will need the right gears and a good camping van is one of the first most things required. Upgrade your cargo van or other vehicles in a fully equipped camping van and hit the road.

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