The First Step to Become a Graphic Designer

The First Step to Become a Graphic Designer

Graphic essays may not sound familiar to us, but do you know what graphic design is? There is a lot of understanding about graphic design, but merely graphic design is the art of communicating through writing, form or drawing.

What about graphic designers? People, who like to make illustrations? Yes, maybe such a simple understanding, undoubtedly in the minds of many people, must be like that. Today, anyone can become a graphic designer as long as they have the desire and intention to learn, of course, there are many kinds of software to create graphic designs, from free to paid.

For the quality of the design? It all depends on the ability of the designer, not the software used. Oh yes, before we continue and also so that this discussion is more convincing, it would be better for the writer to introduce himself first. Take it easy; keep it short.

The author himself is a person who is quite a hobby of making designs. He learned self-taught graphic design from scratch. Since high school, the writer has often made designs for the needs of organizations, extracurriculars, and events from school level to the provincial level. The author also likes to provide material about making designs in the extracurricular activities he follows. Until now, attending college, writers often make designs for organizational purposes, event committees, and sometimes writers also take part in graphic design competitions.

This time, the author will share tips based on personal experience about how the initial steps to become a graphic designer.
Have a Desire and Instill Intention

First and foremost, we must have the desire to want to learn, then keep in mind that we want to learn design. Something based on intentions instilled in the heart will surely be lived in earnest and sincerely, as well as learning graphic design.
There is no instant proficient, do not think that in the beginning, we can immediately make a fresh design; everything starts from the first can not. It's okay if the results of our design are not as we expected later, the name is also learning.

By often practicing making designs, we will become more accustomed, and of course, the quality of the designs will be better than when I first learned.
Making imagination as creative as possible

Surely we already have a shadow of what we want to design later. Maybe we've seen a logo, banner, or brochure, and we become inspired to want to make it ourselves, or perhaps we are still confused about what to make.

Don't worry; look for inspiration as broad as possible. We can get inspiration from the internet or see professional graphic designers' works through Instagram or its portfolio website.
We can also get inspiration by observing what is around; if we are already interested in graphic design, we will certainly be more sensitive to all kinds of designs that we encounter.
Learn Graphic Design Software

Graphic design software now has many kinds; we can choose depending on needs, ranging from free to paid. 

DesignCap works in quite a similar way, although we found its most complete offer of templates. Navigating the collection is very easy since the names of the sections and subsections are very intuitive.

We recommend this online software especially for creating charts and infographics. You can choose, for example, between a bar or line graph, a table, a map, a diagram ... or for what purpose you want to create the infographic.

When you already have one of the graphic design software, learn and understand the tools available, try to practice and understand the usefulness of each tool. If there are difficulties, you can ask for help from your friends who understand the design or find tutorial videos on YouTube. Nothing is complicated as long as there is a will of us.

Develop Expertise

As a beginner graphic designer, we can create our projects such as creating a logo, redesigning a book cover, or poster of an event. After that, we can try to offer design services to friends, maybe some of our friends want to make a product logo, event poster, invitation, or others.

We can also develop the ability to design by joining a creative team on an activity committee/event. There we can gain experience and new ideas to develop the ability to design.

Oh yes, in making a design that is not free from criticism and revision, it might be a little uncomfortable, but make it a lesson for us to make a better design.

In making graphic designs also need aspects so that the designs we make look better and professional. For those who want to learn about graphic design, here are some discussions made by the author about how to create compelling designs and are liked by audiences. Curious? Let's click the story below.

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