Should Christians Wear Face Masks

Should Christians Wear Face Masks

As Christians, wearing a face mask may seem to ourselves or others like we are living in fear and not living in faith in the Lord. I have taken a lot of time thinking about this subject and I felt it was critical to share why Christians should be wearing a face mask. Wearing a face mask is uncomfortable and may feel foolish. Many Christians are choosing not to wear a face mask simply because "God will protect them." Yes, this is true that God protects us, but God does not always protect us from illness, sickness, or disease. Take the story of Pastor Gerald Glenn for example, who died after contracting COVID 19. You can read about his story here. Pastors who failed to comply with stay at home orders and social distancing orders put their churches at risk, and there are many faith-filled, church-attending people who have contracted Corona Virus.

When this virus began to really grip our nation, I feel I received a message within my spirit from the Lord, and that message was to stay home when possible, be careful, and take all precautions that are available to me. It reminded me about when in the Gospel, the Lord called for everyone to stay in their homes and put the blood of a lamb on the door so that the death angel would pass them by. The Lord protected the people in their homes, but they were not protected when they left their home. 
The Holy Spirit also led me to this scripture early in the Corona Virus outbreak. I began to meditate on this scripture daily to keep me from going into fear mode, and it kept me strong in times of weakness and anxiety.
This Scripture clearly says, that if we trust in the Lord, and make the Lord our dwelling place, no plague will come near your tent. Your tent can be taken as "your home." The message I got from this, is if we trust in the Lord, be cautious and aware, praying in all prayer and supplication to the Lord, then no plague will come near my dwelling. The Lord did not say that no plague may find you elsewhere, but in your dwelling place, you are safe. And even if, for some reason I did contract the virus, the Lord is with me, nothing can snatch me from his hand, and I am HIS. 

So what must we do as Christians? The proper thing to do is to wear a mask. Wearing a mask does not show you are living in fear, it does not say to the world you are not trusting in God. The reality is there is a deadly virus spreading across our nation, where over 136,000 people in the USA alone have died from contracting this virus. Those who have health issues, and those who are elderly, are severely at risk if they contract this virus. This is a worldwide pandemic that has swept our nation within 7 months, and left tragedy, chaos, and wreckage in its path. For those who do not believe the Corona Virus exists, or that it is as simple as the common flu, then why are our hospitals flooded with individuals fighting to breathe and survive? We can simply ask any medical professional who works in the hospital if the Coronavirus is as simple as a "common cold." The truth is this virus is deadly, and the truth is that the Lord did not promise that we will not get sick in this life. Brothers and sisters in Christ have died from this virus, and more brothers and sisters will continue to contract this virus. I believe it is vital to share the message that believers in Christ, must also wear a face mask, not because of fear, but out of love for others. 

Wearing a face mask reminds you to not touch your face when you are out and about. Wearing a face mask protects others around you, and wearing a mask can also protect you and your family. There is no greater love than Christ who died for us, and we are called to love others as Christ loves us. Love is kind, love is courteous, and love is doing things for other people, and not just thinking about ourselves. Wearing a mask can save lives of others. An example is if you are a healthy carrier of the virus. You may not have any symptoms, but you can easily spread the virus just by breathing or speaking. Someone who is at risk could contract the virus from you, and they could lose their life. Wearing a mask reduces the amount of droplets that spread into the air, which protects the people around you. Wearing a mask shows others that you also care about them. Wearing a mask is an example of Christ. Loving your neighbor enough to wear a mask and protect them is a great example of what Christ calls us to do.

I found this blog article on Christians wearing facemasks written by blogger Matthew Pevarnik. This blog was a true blessing to me because it shares great evidence on how a face mask protects you and other people. It also mentions scriptures from the Gospel, which makes it a great Christian read. He goes into great detail on the science of disease and microorganisms that are unseen. He makes a great point in speaking about as the Bible says, walk by faith and not by sight. Even though we cannot see the Corona Virus, it is there, and it is deadly. I encourage you to read his blog linked above.  

Face masks are not fun to wear, they are not "cool" to wear, and they may not be our first choice, but masks are mandatory in many states including my home state New Mexico as well as many other places. I feel it is important for soldiers of Christ to walk in faith, while abiding in the laws of the land, and while proclaiming the Lord to others. While Covid 19 has stopped many things, don't let Covid 19 stop you from sharing the love of Christ or the message of Jesus to others. Continue to minister to souls and share to others the TRUTH about Jesus Christ. Even though Covid 19 has caused turmoil, the Lord can turn all things for his good, and I believe a great revival for the Kingdom of God is at hand. 

I hope you and your family continue to be blessed, safe, and protected from this virus. I pray the Lord keeps you and continues to protect your dwelling place from this plague.  

Because D and A Custom believes in wearing face masks to protect others and yourself, we have created Christian face masks, to share and proclaim your love for the Lord, your love for your fellow brothers and sisters, and everyone around you. The same way Christ died for us, and gave up everything for us, we should also go the extra mile for those around us and wear that face mask, regardless of how it may make us feel. 
God Bless and be blessed in Jesus' mighty name. 

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