Do you want to become a model but need a guideline to get started?

Do you want to become a model but need a guideline to get started?

It can appear to be overpowering, and you need to do it right! Well, Rich Money Models University is here as your guide & instructor to start over your journey in modeling.

Start from here!

Do you need to get the hang of everything about modeling at the place & the time as you desire?

That is conceivable with our Online Model Courses sessions. We are offering online coaching, offline coaching, & private coaching. You can choose whatever suits you best!

Fashion modeling as a profession has become a much-vaunted decision now with a large number of applicants pursuing the fantasy about turning into the futures’ supermodel. Those days are over when you could rely upon your karma to become famous; these days, the possibility of such miracles is less. To become a famous model, it takes ethics, discipline, and constancy. You have to design, get ready, and follow a system to stick out and get attention.

To realize how to get into the modeling field, first, you must recognize which sort of modeling suits you the best! - Rich Money Model University

Learn Different Types Of Modeling With Us & Get Popular As You Want!

       Runway Modeling

RMM offers runway modeling courses. You will learn about the way of walking on the ramp. Runway models partake in runway events and need to change garments and cosmetics routinely. Runway or ramp is where the models exhibit the garments and style extras during a design appear by strolling on it. We teach you how to become a master in it!

       Plus-Size Models

RMM teaches plus-size modeling coaching as well. Those people whose estimations are more significant than regular models can be sorted into plus-size models. They include in ads of plus size attire, beautifying agents, design embellishments, and so on.

       Fashion Model

Fashion modeling is one of the famous modeling courses that RMM is offering. Fashion models offices don’t have precise prerequisites concerning the model’s body, and it relies upon all around what inclinations they keep. Such models can be found in magazines, undergarments displaying, and music recordings.

       Commercial model

Commercial modeling is excelling these days. A genuinely appealing model whose point is to draw in client’s attention to an item or administration by straightforwardly communicating with them is a particular model.

Learn Attractive Photo-shooting Techniques With Us!

You will learn more authentic ways to get photo-shoot. Each class will teach you about new posing styles, different camera postures & walking styles, confident walk on the ramp, or set. You will also get to learn the acting & improvisation techniques & skills.

Learn To Do The Perfect Make-over!

You will get coaching about professional skills & techniques for doing an attractive makeover. Each lesson will teach you how to enhance your looks according to the events you are participating in.

Basics Of Modeling!

RMM coaching will teach you about the basics of modeling that includes, signing the contract, getting the pay, as well as about the auditions, etc. We will guide you with the basic techniques used to make portfolios or comp cards, etc.

Health & Safety Measurements!

RMM also focuses on your health & fitness coaching. We understand the significance of health fitness for modeling purposes. For being a good looking model, you should take the proper nutrition & diet. RMM guides you about the food & nutrition to maintain your health. The second most important factor in modeling is safety. Your safety is paramount in this field. We coach you with the various safety techniques including, Self-defense, avoiding scams, and protecting yourself from dangerous situations.

Benefits of This Coaching:

       Create your personal posing Styles

       Become professional in modeling

       Avoid different blunders

       Pose & style confidently in daily life.

       Learn about acting & walking skills.

       Create an attractive photo-shoot & make a fantastic portfolio

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