7 Most Significant Widgets For Hotel Website

7 Most Significant Widgets For Hotel Website

A website acts as a visiting card for your business that satisfies the needs and queries of your customers. When it comes to the hotel industry, it’s website should incorporate all the relevant and crucial details so that the guests don’t get confused. But a good website should also focus on providing information other than the mainstream stuff, which brings us to the topic of embedding widgets on a hotel website. 
Hotels might be a small part of the hospitality industry but their reach is extremely vast. In this fast-paced digital world, there are so many challenges that hotels face, and to overcome those challenges, ‘Widgets’ can be of great help. The widgets are 24*7 available for the guests and the website visitors to carry out the duties smoothly. 
If you are a hotelier and owns a business website, then this blog is especially useful for you. We have curated a list of 7 most significant hotel website widgets that will boost conversions, amplify brand awareness, increase customer satisfaction, bring traffic to your website, and more. 

Top 7 Widgets For Your Hotel Website
Take care of the needs of your guests by embedding the following widgets on your hotel website. 
#1 Price Check Widget For Comparison
Price Check widget is one of the best ways to get direct booking rather than a third-party agent. Also, the hotel room prices that you see on third-party vendors or online travel agents (OTA) may vary. This is why you need to embed a Price Check widget to allow your guests to do the immediate comparison of current rates of direct booking and rates of OTAs and third-party vendors for the same room. 
The benefit of embedding a price check widget on your hotel website is that it allows you to get direct booking of guests. Therefore you can generate more revenue as you don’t need to pay third-party vendors. The ultimate goal of this widget is to bring direct room bookings with the hotel at lower rates as compared to OTAs. Also, it gives your guests the flexibility to make a final decision regarding their travel arrangements.

#2 Review Widget To Showcase Your Commodities 
Do you go through reviews before buying anything online? Well, a form of user-generated content, customer testimonials, and reviews help in deciding the fate of your business to a great extent. 
Before making bookings, guests go through the reviews to know about the place better as well as to know about the experiences of other guests.
Reviews give your guests the assurance by playing the role of social proof. Speaking of customer review widget, you can embed the reviews of your hotel from websites like Yelp, Google reviews on your website so create social proof as well as gain the trust of your guests.
#3 Booking Widget To Make Direct Reservations

Sometimes booking a room from a third party website can cost you just double the actual price. That is why another important widget that should be there on your hotel website is “Booking Widget” which helps you save a lot of money. Instead of booking your hotel room via online travel agents (OTAs), your guests can make bookings of their choice directly from your hotel website.
#4 Social Media Widget For Vibrancy
To make your website look vibrant with fresh and colorful content, embed Social Media Widget. It comprises social media feeds, mainly user-generated content aggregated from social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
For instance, you can showcase these feeds from your social media accounts on your website which gets automatically updated with social media feeds (images, videos, and texts). Social Media aggregators like Taggbox helps in creating social media widgets by collecting and curating user-generated content from various social media platforms and then embedding it wherever you want on your website.
#5 Weather Widget To Ease Your Guest’s Travel Planning 
The weather widget might look unreasonable to you but it is quite beneficial if your guests belong to a foreign country. There’s nothing much in this widget, just the information related to the weather forecast so that planning a trip becomes easier and convenient for your guests. There are so many widget tools that let you create customizable, responsive, and multilingual weather widgets having the compatibility with any website building platform. Take help from these widget tools to build a creative weather widget that you embed on your hotel website. 
#6 Online Chat Widget For 24*7 Interaction
The first impression is the last impression!
Serve your guests in a timely and personal way by embedding an online chat widget. This widget has the potential to give you an opportunity to interact with the customers directly so that you can satisfy all of their queries. While the best part about these online chat widgets is that they work in real-time and are 24*7 available customer support. 
#7 Travel Guide Widget
Last but not least, how about showcasing your hotel website as a travel guide? The travel guide widgets display details related to upcoming events and tourist attractions along with exact information about the distance from your location. 

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