Top 5 Marketing Strategies For The CBD Industry

Top 5 Marketing Strategies For The CBD Industry

The CBD market is a continually growing space. The industry attracts new investors, entrepreneurs, and producers every week, if not a month. With the saturation increasing in the whole industry, it matters to stand out and deliver. We believe that you can manage the delivery part, but what about the standing out part? Are your CBD oil and products business unique? If yes, is it reaching the right audience? If you don’t have a yes for these two questions focus on these top five marketing strategies for the CBD industry. 

1.  Slay the mightiest dragon - overcome lack of education.

Without a doubt, CBD is gaining immense popularity and acknowledgment from the users and researchers as well. But still, a big chunk of society thinks that CBD is something illegal and is not safe for them to consume. This misinformation increases the chances of the market range getting thinner and thinner, and ultimately, more saturated for a marketer.

As a responsible marketer, you should address this issue and inform as many people as you can. Tell the masses that CBD is not harmful to humans and their pets. Let them know that it’s entirely legal to consume CBD products in countries like the USA and Canada. An excellent way to inform the public is to start a blog on your eCommerce website.

Starting a blog to inform the public is like killing two birds with one stone - spreading the truth and building an organic audience with quality SEO. We shouldn’t forget that SEO is still the best way to initiate marketing by getting lots of traffic on a website. That was easy…!! Your first step - to inform the masses that CBD is legal and safe through a blog. Within a couple of months, you’ll see organic growth in numbers.

2.  Prepare an email list.

As per a 2019 study, retaining the same customers is five times cheaper than attracting new ones. So when you start gaining popularity and orders, keep those emails saved in your email list. Also, make the list exponential.
Having an email list may increase your sales because now you can target your audience categorically. Timely emails will also keep the potential buyers informed and engaged in the brand.

Here are some quick ways to build/maintain an impressive email list:
  Use CTA (click-through-ads) on your social accounts. These buttons would urge the visitors to join your newsletter that’ll keep them abreast of everything related to your brand.
    Use pop-ups on your website’s blog and other pages.
   You could even use pop-ups to create regular surveys. These surveys are also a great source of authentic emails of visitors who may be future buyers.

3.  Use influencers for the brand’s growth.

 An excellent way to get ahead of your competitors is to use social media to make your products famous. With tens and hundreds of influencers budding on Instagram and Facebook, you can seal the deal with some of them having their audience in a hundred thousand. So if they promote your product with them, the chances are that it may go viral. And even if it doesn’t end up getting viral, the product will still reach more people than it will with other marketing tactics.

A surefire way to reach the target audience is to approach influencers who can use CBD in their profession or passion. For example, leading brands contact MMA fighters for promoting their CBD oil. These MMA fighters promote the product as post-workout relief heaven and can aid in their fight routines. You can also teach people how to add CBDfx tincture to food or drinks and boost their recovery and overall well being.

 So you can also do the same, or you can contact influencers concerned with mental health. These influencers will promote your CBD products as a calming solution for anxiety and depression.

4.  Start affiliate programs on your website.

This is another great way to skyrocket your brand’s popularity. You can dedicate a section on your website about the affiliate program. This program will attract bloggers and vloggers to subtly mention your products in their blogs and videos on YouTube. You’ll need them to put a link of your product in their content, and for every purchase made with their links, they get a fixed commission. This step will not only promote your product directly but in the long run, it will create a good network of SEO content on the internet. With time, many sites will have backlinks to your website, and you will automatically rank higher in search engine results. So if your brand is not into affiliate marketing, then it’s already missing out a lot of limelight.

5.  The customer is king.

We all are in different industries but agree to the same thing - if the customer is happy, the business is happy. That’s why treating customers and clients right is an integral part of a five-step marketing strategy.

To make your customers feel good about their purchase, start loyalty programs. The loyalty program will present your customers with attractive discounts or cashback on every purchase they make. If your company’s budget is on the higher side, then do complimentary trial products with the original purchase. This will open new gates for a loyal customer base, and invite new potential buyers on your desk front.

Another great deal to offer your customers is the boon of free shipping. If there’s a company A offering a product with zero shipping cost, and company B providing the same product with nominal shipping charges, everyone would choose company A. Make sure your company is a mirror image of company A.

With a small shipping cost of $5 or $10, you can keep the customers hooked up with your products while attracting new customers. This is a great marketing tactic that requires minimal brainstorming.


You are ready to rock your CBD brand in the industry. Firmly follow these five strategies to grow the brand organically and exponentially. We sincerely hope that with these techniques, a brand will achieve its identity goal without breaking any sweat.

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