Tips: 5 Important Steps to Take Care Of Virgin Hair Extensions

Tips: 5 Important Steps to Take Care Of Virgin Hair Extensions

Rich and voluminous hair is one of the dreams of every woman. Beautiful hair gives a unique, stylish, and gorgeous appearance to any lady. No matter if you are choosing the cheaper clip-in hair extensions or the more expensive sew-in ones, you will get the desired volume and hairstyle in no time. But a key component to your beautiful mane is taking care of your hair extensions. 

Clip-in hair extensions and tape-in ones are detachable, meaning that you can take them out whenever you want. If you take good care of them you can use them countless times. Sew-in hair extensions are braided in your natural hair and depending on how you take care of them, they can last up to 2 months. In all cases, natural hair extensions are the go-to ones because they are easy to style and they give a natural look. Depending on the type you choose, several steps are needed to make sure your Virgin hair extensions will keep their beauty and health.

Step 1: Combing and detangling

Take out your tape-in or clip-in hair extensions one by one, avoiding to aggressively pull them out from your natural hair. During this step, you can choose a comb and a brush. Just proceed like you normally do with your natural hair. Clip-in and tape-in hair extensions are combed when they are taken out while the sew-in ones should be gently combed to avoid pain or accidentally taking them out.

Step 2: Washing and conditioning

Just like in the previous step, wash and condition like you would normally do with your natural hair. Some brands recommend nourishing shampoos and conditioners for hair-extensions given that they are made from natural hair.

Step 3: Drying and detangling

Dry your Virgin hair extensions gently and once they are fully dried, comb them once again to avoid tangles and knots. Sew-in hair extensions can be also styled while drying.

Step 4: Nourishing 

Good quality hair extensions are made from natural hair and just like your natural hair, they require oil to maintain shine and a healthy look. Hair oil can be used before storage or styling to ensure a long and beautiful life for your extensions. In the case of sew-in hair extensions, you should go for scalp oil too, especially if you are prone to itchy and sensitive scalp.

Step 5: Storing the clip-in and tape-in hair extensions

Store them in their box or bag, making sure that they are not tangled and folded. Store them in a dry and cool space to avoid frizz and tangles when putting them back on.

Extra tips

Try treating your extensions like you would treat your hair. Before using any styling tool use a good heat protection spray or foam. Don’t overdo with heat and be patient while styling your new and gorgeous locks 

If you have tape in hair extensions or the clip-in ones it is recommended to take them out before sleeping and to avoid swimming or doing sports with them. And also it’s best to grab these extensions on bundle deals. So, Have fun with your new locks and remember to treat them with love and care.

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