The Sum Total of My Investment Journey - The Rewards and The Losses

The Sum Total of My Investment Journey - The Rewards and The Losses

Investments can often become a tricky affair, so delicate that you don’t know whether you should quit or keep moving ahead.

There was a point in my life when I was stuck at the same crossroads in the investment game. I was a complete paradox; I did not know whether I should invest the money or keep it locked up in a safe as my wife said.

To this day, I do not know whether I made the right choice or not. However, I do know that I will never regret any decision that I made on the investment front.

Get to Know Me

My name is Oliver McKeen, I am 40, and I have a relatively successful dental practice in Dublin. I wanted to be a dentist since as long as I can remember, my mother was gone and so was her father, the dentist's genes run in the family.

I am married with four children, and I love my family more then I love myself and my business.

The day my eldest son told me that he would take over my practice one day was the best day of my life. I wanted him to have the top education. With only three years left for him to finish school, he told me that he wanted to study at Harvard in the USA.

I couldn’t deny him, and I couldn’t deny any of my children the liberty to choose where they wanted to study.

I knew it was not going to be economical by any means. So, I had to find ways to augment my savings in the few years I had.

The Beginning of the Investment Road

I earned more than enough, but not so much to afford the bill Harvard will send my way without a complaint.

I thought of investing in property, but I did not have the kind of cash it would need. Plus Dublin is expensive.

I read an article about investment bonds in the UK. It was enlightening; however, I felt they were more appropriate as a long term investment.

Mutual funds seemed rather more lucrative to me. The return rate was pretty high, and I needed that, so I even ignored the clause that clearly said, “Mutual funds are subject to market risks.”
It was a day after that that I had stepped not my toe. But both of my feet in the waters of investment, with an investment amount of €5,000. And thus forth, my journey commenced.

Experiencing the Lows before the Highs

Being a rookie in the investment markets, I felt formidable. I did not think that I could ever lose.

I knew everything about mutual funds, I trusted the company I had invested in, and I knew it would provide me with some satisfying results.

Sadly, I was wrong. The market risks came like a wrecking ball and crushed all of my five grand into dust that was blown away never to be seen again, figuratively speaking.

The day I realised all my investment was gone was one of the darkest days of my life. I knew losses were a part of investments, but I never thought about them happening to me.
I should regret my decision. However, I don’t. If I had to lose that money, I would have lost it some other way. This loss made one thing clear to me.

And that was the fact that being a rookie does not feel pleasant. I knew covering up that loss alone would be severe for me. So, I researched more, and finally, I got my answer in the form of The Irish Capital.

My Accomplice, who Lead the Way

Before I genuinely believed that my abilities as an investor were not the best, I was in a constant predicament. The realization put things in perspective for me and made me aware of one of the best-investing partners in Ireland.

The Irish Capital was nothing short of a blessing. From the instant I contacted them; they started performing their magic because that is what it was, pure and unrestrained magic.

o   They started by asking my financial goals, both long term and short term.

o   They formulated an investment plan for me that was meticulous and feasible.

o   They told me the investment options that will be suitable for me and the full range they had in those options.

o   They advised me that since I had just lost a massive sum of money, I should play on the safer side, at least somewhat.

 They also advised me that for more growth on capital, I should consider investing money in the UK as well as in Ireland and that too in promising startups.

The professionalism and confidence that oozed out of the investment experts made me trust every word they said. And it was soon proven that I had not made the second colossal mistake of my life.

Winding Up

You must have inferred that I had made up for my initial blunder in the investment world. It hasn’t been that long since I started investing, but the returns have still been more than gratifying.

So far, I have made the five grand back, and I am confident that by the time my son completes his school, I would be as ready to send him to The Harvard School of Dental Medicine as much as he would be prepared to go.

All thanks to the concept of investment and its exponential returns.

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