Salesforce Automation: Features and Advantages

Salesforce Automation: Features and Advantages

It is important for the companies to manage their sales and to make a detailed report of the sales to further analyze them to take marketing or production decisions. But it was difficult to manage them manually and even on the computers. As it requires a lot of time to feed the data on the excel. So, to get rid of this problem, the sales force automation India software is established and developed to maintain sales. It helps the companies to track potential customers, manage inventory control system. It also helps to undertake various tasks such as process management, customer management, sales forecasting, etc.

This software works efficiently along with CRM (customer relation management) software which helps to maintain the detailed database of the customers. The objective of this software is to get data from CRM and then track those customers accordingly. You can get a complete history of your customer's sales with the help of this software with the help of which you can study the customer behavior of purchasing the various items.

Features of sales force automation:-

  • Managing sales territories: this software helps to manage and find potential prospects easily as compared to obsolete software or spreadsheets. This the software can help you to detect sales leads easily and further helps to automatically send them an email which will further help in sales efficiency and productivity. 
  • Managing opportunities and tracking opportunities: this software helps to manage and track all the opportunities or sales leads that come to the company. This software also helps to further track which opportunity is wrapped up and which is bygone. It also helps in keeping the track of customers transactions.
  • Forecasting: this software along with CRM helps to track and forecast the sales. This helps the other departments in strategizing their decisions. 
  • Managing orders: it helps to manage orders promptly which improves customer loyalty towards the company. It also helps to improve customer satisfaction and service delivery and performance. 
  • Up-selling and cross-selling: it is important to retain your customers by delivering them a unique product or services and improve your customer services. this can be achieved with the help of this software as it will identify the potential and old customers of your company and keep on updating them with the help of emails or text messages.

Advantages of sales force automation:-

  • Timely information and grabbing of opportunities
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Improvement of customer services and satisfaction
  • Complete accuracy and time saver
  • Efficient utilization of resources and time
  • Customer retainment and increase in loyalty
  • Data available on fingertips 
  • Improvement in team performance
  • Reduced requirements of surveys as it will eliminate the need to collect the information again and again.
Hence, these are the features and advantages of sales force automation solutions. This software will, therefore, help you to analyze the detailed version of your customer's database i.e. what they purchase from you, at what intervals, at what cost they are willing to purchase the particular item, etc. These questions are important from the marketing and sales department so that they can strategize and launch their products accordingly. 

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