Modern house How to decorate it well

Modern house How to decorate it well

If you live or have the project to live in a house called modern architecture the article which will follow may interest you. The modern house has the main advantage of adapting to all types of decoration if they are well thought out. First of all, we will see together what is called a modern house. Then we will see how it is possible to decorate a modern house by emphasizing the contemporary side. Finally, I would suggest that you play with the old/modern contrasts to decorate your modern home.

1) What is a modern house?

A modern house is a house that has been built following contemporary codes and current environmental and energy standards. Today the houses are more functional and airy. They emphasize well-being and good living together. For the fluidity and functionality side, the modern house can often be on one level.

Architects and builders seek to let light into all of the rooms. This is why the small windows are replaced by large picture windows. If you are looking for How to bring light to a dark room? Feel free to read or re-read my article on the subject.

The rooms are less dark, larger and less partitioned. We favor open spaces where there is no loss of surface and where natural light can pass through and reflect: kitchen, living room, dining room are now one. Home Decor

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The lines of the modern house are sleek and minimalist. The colors are most often neutral and the materials are raw. These characteristics make that, on the whole, modern houses are pleasant to live in. However, if the decoration is poorly suited, they may appear cold or even sanitized. This is why, we will see together two approaches to harmoniously decorate a modern house.

2) Decorate your modern house by emphasizing the contemporary side

If you appreciate the contemporary style, you can accentuate it easily in your modern home by the choice that you will make for your decoration. Be careful though: although each room can have its own style, it is important for the overall harmony of your home to make a choice and stick to it. If you want to accentuate the contemporary side, do it in all the rooms of your house. Otherwise, you risk being out of harmony.     

Color harmony for a modern home

If you move into a so-called modern house and you have not chosen the color of the walls yourself, it is highly likely that neutral colors will predominate, such as white or gray. Who says neutral color does not necessarily mean bland together. It is important to play with this neutral base when choosing your color palette. If you want to revive the colors of your home you can opt for a pop color palette. Designer furniture in bright colors is also a Side House Project

Red blends very well with gray and black. Small touches of red, gray and black in your decoration accessories will easily warm up the atmosphere. Red and gray are only an option, it obviously depends on your tastes. Yellow and gray also work well together. If you have any doubts, I invite you to read and re-read my article How to choose and associate colors.

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If you don't have a particular taste for colors that are too flashy, you can also play with materials to warm up your modern home and create color variations. Indeed, in modern houses, natural materials are not only used for furniture and are valued. Natural wood, slate, teak, cotton, wool are all materials that will integrate perfectly into your interior. Use raw materials of good quality to give a modern and design touch.

The choice of modern home furniture

The choice of your furniture is also essential for the style you want to give to your decoration. If you want to accentuate the contemporary side of your modern home, choose designer furniture. Good news, it is no longer mandatory today to acquire furniture from famous designers and therefore expensive to have a modern decoration. Decoration has become more democratic! All furniture and decoration stores have adopted contemporary codes today and offer ranges of furniture and decoration at all prices.

Who says modern house says sleek design and minimalist style. Choose your furniture respecting this principle. Avoid overly massive furniture which will weigh down the whole. The legs of your sofa or your tables want to be airy to let air and light through. Hanging furniture is also an interesting approach to create this feeling of lightness and comfort.

If you don't want to take a risk, opt for a Scandinavian style of furniture. They will integrate perfectly into your modern home. How to make a beautiful Scandinavian decoration? Find all my advice here.

If you are comfortable in decoration, you want to accentuate the design side of your house even more, and you can afford it, why not incorporate a few modern art touches in your decoration? Bet on a strong element: abstract painting, avant-garde sculpture or even urban photography will give a resolutely stylish look to your modern home.

Modern house lighting

Even if you’re modern home lets in natural light, don't forget to add direct and indirect light sources that will bring warmth and softness. Choose designer lights with clean lines to blend into the spirit of your modern home. The spotlights that will be recessed into the false ceilings are an excellent option for gently lighting your home. The pendant lights in the living room or in the bedrooms will mainly serve as decorative and trendy objects.

3) Decorate your modern house by playing on contrasts

If you do not have a pronounced taste for contemporary architecture, do not worry it is quite possible to decorate your modern house differently. Indeed, by playing on the old/modern contrasts you can obtain a very interesting aesthetic marriage. Here are a few additional tips, all very simple.

If you like vintage style decoration, do not hesitate to integrate old furniture into your modern home that you can find in flea markets or on classified ads sites. It is the same for decoration accessories. A nice old carpet, inherited from your grandparents for example, will harmonize perfectly with a modern floor like polished concrete.

Finally, if you want to give character to your modern home, why not add a natural stone wall? In DIY stores, you will find facing panels that are very easy to install. This facing stone wall will be of the most beautiful effect to dress the walls of your modern house.

Whether you are a fan of the contemporary style or not, a modern house offers you an infinite number of design possibilities. Functional, friendly, and most often well thought out, they are pleasant to live with. You now have all the keys to decorate your modern home according to your tastes and desires. I hope this article will inspire you. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write me a comment below.


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