How we cut our CPC (cost per conversion) by over 50% within 7 days with the help of a digital marketer?

How we cut our CPC (cost per conversion) by over 50% within 7 days with the help of a digital marketer?

I suppose a number of you people at this time understand that getting your people to visit on your website is not so difficult activity. If this is the only thing all businesses were supposed to do, then online marketing and other digital marketing services would be totally free of cost for all.

But the main job starts after people visit on the sales page of your website. The question arises what’s the best way to drive your online visitors through the funnel to achieve conversions.

I believe this is the multi-million dollar question in the digital marketing process. (You don’t need to hesitate to send your answers directlyJ.)

What are the things we did?

At Hokis solutions which is a digital marketing ppc company in Chandigarh, we have some complex funnels ready with us. It is important for you to understand that one of our most significant conversations is to influence visitors to begin a trial of our services for a few days. Being the best-Paid the marketing company (hello, it is nice meeting you 👋), I must make this happen in the most proficient way feasible. We truly understand the need of the customer as they want to promote their business and get customers at the most reasonable cost possible because they need to scale as well.

I had the way in my mind to cut our cost per conversion almost by half by following one simple step: presenting reference creative to our target audience that hadn't converted as of now.

You can check out the steps below on how I setup the testimonial ads for our warm visitors:

Target – Conversions

Target audience - All those visitors who are on the website or engage with us via social media interactions but not our customer yet
Creative we used: We used 3 designs with variations from each other for testimonial ads for the first time tests and utilized a potential ad copy

What’s the reason it works?

In case if that sounds excessively too simple to truly have made a 50% reduction in the cost of conversions, I get it. But I raise my right hand—I swear this is exactly what we did. Here is the reason this always works so well.

We know for someone who just got to know about the initial days, it becomes difficult to subscribe to our services in one go. We knew this before, now and will always understand how things work. That's the reason we have come up with the trial services where interested users can experience the true value of our services that WE offer in a very low-risk manner. A large number of people subscribing and utilizing our services on the test and trial basis is a great success for us.

However, at times it can be a little bit hard process. In order to start a free trial, they have to provide us their billing information -which is quite a big ask for someone who is not familiar with our company or services yet. This is where the testimonials come into the epicure and do the magic.

It is human nature that people believe things when they hear and see them in actuality. Therefore, whenever, our warm audience sees the testimonials, they get the assurance that our services are absolutely useful and offer great value and they just don't have to rely on our words only. Now is the time to bawl at Arizer's team players and they have said a number of times in pride "we love you".

It is important to note that the Testimonials are working perfectly for our warm customers but they are not working for a cold audience. Whenever I ran ads for the cold audience we never got any conversions. Kindly note that we ran ads that were target to be seen by warm customers excluding our already existing customer because we didn’t want to show ads to our existing clients.

Here’s what we are doing next

Being a leading digital marketing agency, our next objective was to scale the results in an effective manner. Our spending expenditure is low because we are running ads for only warm customers. I am just shooting ads at around 1:00 PM in a 7 day time period and spending less money since the frequency of ads is directing my level of spending.

So, to scale the results I need to make sure we expand the size of the audience and we can then spend more money while sticking to the same frequency levels. This means we need to adjust and tweak our funnel strategy a little bit so we will get quality traffic at a much cheaper price and it will increase our audience numbers.

It is also important to understand that there is no such thing as one size fits all that applies to people interested in buying services. The point is you need to never ever stop testing.

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