How to ship your product save to end consumers with durable packaging.

How to ship your product save to end consumers with durable packaging.

We are shipping the custom packaging or your products packaging in safe hands on your doorstep. We are providing free design and free shipping services at your doorstep and these are the great services because you ordered your desired design and any shape or size of product packaging and we can manage it for you.

Now the question is what does it mean? Well, attractive packaging lures customers and compels them to buy the product. Once the customers bought a certain product they will always look for the quality product inside. Now if they are satisfied with the packed product only then they will bother to repurchase the product. Now imagine if the inside product got somehow damage during shipment what will be the response of the buyer.

The packaging is one of the biggest factors in making your product a success or failure. When choosing the right packaging for your product the most basic thing is to choose durable and sturdy material. Custom boxes wholesale can keep your product safe in transportation, stores, and retail shelves. This buttresses the quality of the brand and enhances the trust of customers. A wrong and weak packaging is detrimental not only for the trust relationship between customer and brand but also to increase wastage cost.

Now the question is how one should choose the material.

Before choosing the materials to consider the following points.

  • What is your budget? Before starting any packaging endeavors, one should determine its budgets.
  • How long-distance products will cover during transportation? An astonishing design that can convince customers to buy the product but can't travel from factory to retail stores without causing damage to products is worthless
  • What is the size and weight of the product?
  • How fragile the product is? Some products require more protection than others
  • What are audience expectations?  
All of these considerations will help you to select the best type of protective packaging for your products.

How to choose the right box: 

In deciding the best packaging for your products considers the following tips:

Product type:

The product types decide which packaging should be used. The material of the box also depends on the product type. For example, delicate and fragile items require layers of protection. Only a very sturdy box can safely transport them.

Size of product:
The size of the product is directly proportional to the size of the box. Forcing the product into the wrong sized box will result in damage.
Product weights:
 Product weight determines the quality of the material is used. For example, packing a heavy product in a lightweight box will damage the content.

Before choosing the material always considers distance the product has to travel to reach its destination.

Types of shipment boxes: 
You can find thousands of shipments of custom bath bomb boxes material. Whatever material you choose ultimately depends on size, weight, and type of product.
Below are some of the most common packaging materials:

Kraft boxes: 
Kraft or paperboard is a brown material that is produced from chemical pulp. It’s lightweight and mostly used for cosmetics and gifts. Kraft is very eco-friendly.

Cardboard: cardboard is mostly used for shipping due to its durable nature.

Corrugated stock:
Corrugated stock is made of three layers. An inside liner, outside liner, and a ruffled shape sheet that runs between inside and outside liner. The corrugated material can withstand heavy weights and provides maximum protection. These boxes are suitable for longer destinations.

Shipping products:

Designing a box might be easy. Shipping a product is tough, but shipping fragile items are difficult than any stage of packaging. Delivering products without any damage to customers is the goal that every business owner strives to accomplish. When products are packed in low-quality boxes they become vulnerable to damage. Receiving a damaged product can significantly lower customer satisfaction and trust which will in return decrease the company's profits.

Shipping boxes or packaging is available in various sizes. You should choose the right size for your products to avoid any damage from a collision.

How to pack products: 
The life of your products depend on how you pack them. Here are some tips to help you so your products can reach customers in their best and original form.

Choose the best box: As discussed earlier the most important thing in packaging is the quality of the box. You might save some buck by buying substandard packaging but this might increase your wastage cost as you are risking your products to any intentional or unintentional damage. A durable box may cause you some extra bucks but the advantages it will bring to your brand will exceed the cost you had to incur.

  1. Pad and wrap the products:
If you are shipping fragile or delicate items you should wrap or pad them so that they can stay fine when mistakenly dropped. Some of the padding supplies that you can use are:
  • Bubble wrap: used to protect the item. Just wraps around the item and secure the wrap with strong tape.
  • Packing peanuts: place some peanuts on the bottom and place the product on it and then fill the remaining box with packing peanuts to restrict the movement of the product.
  • Crumpled paper: fill any gaps with simple crumpled paper.
  • Airbags: fill space in the box with airbags.

And many more.

  1. Pack and seal: 
Once you have wrapped the items. Pack the box and give the box a good shake to see if anything is rattling or moving. If you hear any rattling sounds add some more padding. Now seal the box and its ready for shipping. Standard packing will help you minimize losses and earns your customer's trust. A durable box will help you achieve your goal of damage-free shipping.


Durable packaging makes packing and transportation of your products less stressful. Durable boxes win customer's trust and give good vibes about your products. A safe item means increased profits and decreased wastage cost. Always invest in durable and sturdy boxes because your packaging shows how concerned you are about your products. Customers only purchase products that they believe are best. And a product is best when packaging quality is and product quality is astonishing.

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