How to Make A Contour Gauge DIY

How to Make A Contour Gauge DIY

Instead of using paper or cardboard to duplicate the contour of a hard-to-fit area of the floor such as around a round object, you could actually buy a single tool called “contour gauge”. By the help of this tool, you could save a lot of time because it simplifies the process of contour duplication.

Maybe you want to cut a tile to fit into the area around the door (base block). It’s not easy, right? It takes time and requires several things to run the duplication. 

Another case such as around round shape. When you are going to install a laminate in the toilet, you have to work hard to duplicate that curved area. Moreover, you have to prepare a pencil, paper, and a knife. As mentioned before, it’s not only a hard task but also takes time and requires pretty tools.

A contour gauge is actually an assembly of plastic pins that stick together. The way it works is awesome. The pins will slide to follow the shape of the contour. Duplicate the contour and transfer it to the tile or laminate. It’s very easy to use and save time for you. Some of the models come with metal pins. Whether plastic or metal, they work great.

But, some people may need it once only. In this case, you may not a woodworker or floor worker or plumber, you are just someone who wants to fix or install your new vinyl floor, then you decide to do it on your own. You could actually make your own contour gauge with some very cheap stuff easily found in your house.

It’s very possible to make it. You just need half of the price of the contour gauge available for sale online, even lesser. In this post, we will discuss a little about how to make this little useful accessory for your flooring task.

Step by Step to Make A DIY Contour Gauge

Stuff that you require is a piece of cardboard, wooden skewers, and a knife to cut the cardboard.

Cut the cardboard using the knife in order to shape a rectangle piece. Determine your own size according to the contour you are going to duplicate.
Put the wooden skewers into the holes inside of the cardboard. A piece of that cardboard consists of several holes if you take a look at the mid-layer of the body. You are free to put into as many as you want. 

Now you can see the wooden skewers are stuck together and they are ready to use. As simple as that.

You can actually do other stuff. It’s not a must to empower the wooden skewers. 

Another thing that you could do is by using wooden skewers without cardboard. We believe that in your house, you have an adhesive tape. Here it is. Simply, order an assembly of those wooden skewers right on the area you want to duplicate. After they fit the contour shape, stick them together using an adhesive tape.
This method would be way cheaper and quicker than using the cardboard. However, it’s able to duplicate vertical shape. It’s fair. In addition, it seems only for once. After that, you have to decay the tape to reuse the wooden pins.


That’s all, guys. Even though this DIY contour gauge would change your mind, in other words, cancel your plan buying a contour gauge, it doesn’t guarantee one hundred percent of satisfaction. Especially if you are a floor worker or tile worker, you need a professional contour gauge and this is not the right option. Except you need it for once only.

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