Discover Glimpses of Karnataka via Golden Chariot Train

Discover Glimpses of Karnataka via Golden Chariot Train

Karnataka is a grazing zone in southwest India. Its wonderful traditions, multilingual races, lively festivals, impressive dance forms, delicious cuisine and exquisite costumes make it a diverse and diverse culture. In addition, this popular state is also adorned with beautiful green valleys, pristine beaches,  special tourist attractions and picturesque landscapes.

You will find plenty of food in beaches, historical sites, palaces, forests, religious sites, and gourmet food. One day, your historian may take you to the ruins of Hampi, on the other hand, you may want to explore its wildlife in 27 national parks and wildlife reserves throughout the state.

Sitting down and enjoying the food of Udupi sambar and Mysore masala dosa is as satisfying as standing in front of a jogging waterfall or exploring Coog’s tea garden.

Explore Glimpses of Karnataka Tourist attraction


Bandipu National Park is located in a beautiful forest reserve in Karnataka. National parks occupy a special place in India's efforts to protect natural resources. Founded in the 1930s, it is located in King Woodyar's hunting area and is known as the Venugopal Wildlife Park. Now the entire national park surrounds the biosphere of the Nilgiri hills, one of the most extensive protected forest areas in India.

Attraction of Bandipur

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
Mudumalai National Park
Gopalswami Hills


Among the most magnificent places in the state of Karnataka, Mysore is known as a palace city. It is full of rich cultural landscape and magnificent royal heritage, attracting a large number of tourists throughout the year. Attractions worth visiting include Mysore Palace, Brindavin Garden and Mysore Zoo.

Attraction of Mysore

Mysore Palace
Brindavan Gardens
Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
Karanji Lake
Rail Museum


Coorg is one of the best attractions of Karnataka, a popular hill station located among the hills of the southern state. Coorg is full of magnificent landscapes almost all year round, green coffee plantations and spice plantations, and foggy panoramic views are real treasures of nature.

Attraction of Coorg

Abbey Falls
Chiklihole Reservoir
Dubare Elephant Camp
Harangi Dam
Honnamana Kere Lake


Hampi is often called a group of monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and it belongs to the kingdom of medieval Hinduism Vijaynagar. This ancient village offers an unusual landscape that attracts pilgrims and travelers. Some of the best tourist attractions include Lotus Palace, Monkey Temple Virupaksha Temple, and many others.

Attraction of Hampi

Sree Virupaksha Temple, Hampi
Matanga Hill
Vijaya Vitthala Temple
Hemakuta Hill Temple
Achyutaraya Temple
Hampi Bazaar Street

Jog Falls

Jog Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Asia (253 meters). It is formed by the Shiravati River and is divided into a series of small waterfalls. The most spectacular Jog Falls takes care of the monsoon season, when the falling water reaches its peak.

Attraction of Jog Falls

Unchalli Falls
Bennehole Falls

Glimpses of Karnataka is a carefully planned trip that lasts 4 days / 3 nights and begins in Karnataka, the capital of Bangalore. Luxurious tours will take you to famous Karnataka tourist destinations such as Bandipur, Mysore and Hampi. Let's take a tour on the luxurious Golden Chariot train and get to know Karnataka. Check the latest ticket price of Golden Chariot.

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