Digital Marketing:A key to unlock success

Digital Marketing:A key to unlock success

We are living in a modern age, where everything can be done with the internet, we have technology surrounding us from every corner and we have made ourselves co-dependent with technology and the internet but who can blame us, it is one of the greatest blessings to have happened to us, we can do anything we want on the internet, you can make a pizza arrives at your doorstep with a few simple taps, there are electric bulbs that can connect to the internet and be accessed for various purposes through our phones, you can run a whole business while you sit at home. But as businesses have changed, so has the way they are marketed.

Now you’re probably familiar with marketing, it is a vast field with a singular purpose, to introduce and advertise. There have been many kinds of marking throughout time, some dating back to the 19th century when advertisements used to be published in newspapers, slowly and gradually as TV’s became mainstream, that is when the TVC’s that we see today started appearing, the first of which appeared on July 1st, 1941. Nowadays advertisements are very common and almost every product has some sort of ad campaign surrounding them, so the question arises, what do you do to stand out of the crowd, what do you do that will land all the eyes on you. The answer to that would be the digital marketing

What is digital marketing, digital marketing is a newer form of marketing compared to others, it is completely based on the internet and it has many different fields and sources that it uses to advertise products and services, it is a much better option than all the other mainstream ways of advertising as this follows the basics of a targeted audience, targeted the audience is when you show your ads to people who have shown interest in products and services that resemble yours, it increases your chances of getting more clients and buyers as well as reduce the chances of your advertisement going in vain.

There are two main ways in which digital marketing works, the first one is social media marketing where ads of your products and services are shown on social media platforms, these people have sown interest in services and products that are somewhat identical to yours and are more likely to buy or use your product or service, the other way is by website optimization, now this one is a bit technical as it involves websites and how you can get your website to be the first one that shows up when a person searches for an item resembling yours, a digital marketing agency acts as a creative brand consultancyand provides you with solutions regarding how you can better optimize your ads and website so that more people are tempted to visit it.

Digital marketing has made its name in the foreign markets, but here in Asia it is still catching on, many brands and businesses have caught up to the trend but still many old school businessmen are still to see the wonders it can do, they are a little hesitant as they have never seen such a thing, but even they can’t deny all the good digital marketing has done for businesses that have opted for it, it’s only a matter of time when TVC’s will be a thing of thepast as are the facts that show the decline in the usage of cable TV, more and more peole have started using social media as a form of getting information and entertainment and fewerpeople

are actually tuning in on TV, plus the benefits of digital marketing leave TVC’s and other mainstream ways of advertising in the dust, the day when all advertising will be done digitally is not far and we can see that now clearer than ever, it is just the question of who joins this sorce of media earlier and gets an edge over other competitors.

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