Conducting Digital Marketing Audit of Your Website in 2020 to Evaluate Its Performance

Conducting Digital Marketing Audit of Your Website in 2020 to Evaluate Its Performance

Conducting a Digital Marketing Audit of your business website is a sure shot way to get a clear view of its present performance. Digital Marketing Audit can easily highlight the following areas, from diagnosing the essential issues to finding the scopes for improvement and growth. Plus, it even creates some actionable suggestions that can help you develop data-driven strategies for different digital platforms. These suggestions must be integrated smartly into the growth targets and core business objectives. Here is the list of key areas suggested by experienced SEO company in Delhi that allows you to complete an actionable and holistic Digital Marketing Audit for your website.     
Tools for Carrying Out Digital Marketing Audit

  • Google Analytics – This tool lets you have key insights on how customers engage with your blog and contents, how the site is getting traffic while evaluating the ROI.
  • Google Search Console – This tool is for troubleshooting and monitoring the organic presence of the website in SERPs
  • Ahrefs – It lets you understand the visibility of your website, competitor analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis and keyword rank tracking. 
  • Google Keyword Planner – The tools allows you to understand the search demand, conduct keyword research and evaluating the projections. 
  • Screaming Frog – It is used for crawling the webpage on the website to find out onsite errors and issues related to content and technical SEO   

Technical SEO

Enhancing your website's technical base can increase its chance of getting found, indexed, crawled, and ranked higher on SERPs. So, auditing the technical SEO of your website is quite important, and the audit must mainly focus on the index-ability and crawl-ability of the webpages.

Besides, the quality of user experience offered by your website also matters a lot. Page loading speed and mobile usability are some of the ranking factors. So, it would be best if you take initiatives to improvise these areas to enhance the user experience while achieving top rankings. 


When it comes to auditing the web content, you must always review the performance with close eyes and use the insights to produce some actionable strategies which can easily fit your existing marketing activities. There are several metrics available to evaluate the performance of your web content. Ensure to check how the site is ranking, based on the current focus keywords. Make use of Google Analytics to check the organic sessions across the website and find out the webpage that is enjoying huge organic sessions.

Finally, you need to take a dip into the organic conversions to check if the conversions are driven by the service pages, or the web content is playing the main role. 

Off-Page SEO

The backlink profile of the website is the essential factor for the virtual success of your business. Today, in this virtual world, every new link matters and is considered a vote for the site’s authority. But not all links or votes are equal; thereby, all brands are requested to take part in activities that can cultivate a natural and positive backlink profile. 

Ahefs is the best tool to know your backlink profile because it offers a clear view of all your backlinks, a domain rating, and referring domains. Domain rating is the 3rd party metric that provides you the strength of your backlink profile at a scale of zero to a hundred. 

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Whether it is to audit the performance of PPC activity or evaluate the options to launch new campaigns, there are different factors that you have to consider:

  • Ad Quality
  • Profitability
  • Visibility     

While conducting ads account auditing, it is smart to recognize the wasted spend and trim these areas before you attempt to revamp your spending in areas of high performance. After identifying wasted spending and cutting them off, you can redistribute the spending in areas of high performance. It will help you feed the areas of ad campaigns that can drive in leads and revenue for your business while increasing ROI on ad spends

Tracking and Reporting

Precise tracking and monitoring are essential for understanding your digital marketing activity across all digital channels. It also offers you deep insights into areas of high success and budget wastes. But, you need to set your conversion goals precisely without overstating and ensure to integrate it into your Google Ads Campaigns for efficient optimization of the campaigns. 

You need to know how all your campaigns are performing and impacting each other on different digital channels. At times, you may think that PPC ads are the primary driver of revenue, but with a look at the assisted conversion data in Analytics, you will have a completely different story. It is important to understand customers' conversion paths as it helps you unlock the ability of each channel and create holistic and actionable marketing strategies.       

Digital Marketing Audit is very helpful as it offers a roadmap that highlights the planned tasks and other info about potential impact and resources required. The audit report is a useful piece of document that you may pass to key stakeholders to help them understand the future priorities from a perspective of Digital Marketing. You may seek the help of experienced digital marketing company to add extra details into the roadmap, such as the proposed timeline and assigned responsibilities. Ensure you check the performance of your website regularly to evaluate the impact and get the progress report whenever needed.  

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