Choose the Right Air Cooler to Beat the Summer Heat in 2020

Choose the Right Air Cooler to Beat the Summer Heat in 2020

Purchasing the right air cooler for your house is surely the best option in summer 2020 to stay comfortable and beat the soaring outdoor temperature. Over the years, air cooler's technology has changed significantly, but the basic functioning of coolers remains the same. The components in air coolers are upgraded in regards to performance and quality. You need to look at some vital features when buying a new air cooler for your house. Besides, there are many brands of air coolers and comparing the Maharaja, Bajaj, USHA and BlueStar air cooler price list online is important to grab the affordable deals.   

Indoor or Outdoor Air Cooler

  • Indoor air coolers are the compact version of typical coolers, and it comes with caster wheels for easy and comfortable movement from one room to another. It comprises of small water tanks that prevent the machine from getting overheat. Indoor coolers are more of a personal cooler and suitable for mid and small size rooms. 

  • Outdoor air coolers are the biggest version, and they are also referred to as desert coolers. They are quite big and require a stand or mount for their placement. This type of air cooler is limited in design and features, but some brands like Blue Star and Maharaja add portability features in their models. It has larger tanks and suited best for large size rooms.

Cooling Pads

Cooling pad of air cooler is the vital component. In old coolers, you will see cooling media was made out of synthetic fibres and wood shavings. This type of pads has very low water retention abilities, and it needs higher maintenance. But, the modern-day coolers come with Honeycomb design cooling pads that are made out of cellulose material. This type of pads has very higher water retention abilities, which increases the cooling efficiency of the cooler. 

The Honeycomb design cooling pads are very durable, and it requires no frequent replacements compared to aspen wood cooling pads. But it is quite pricy and expensive.


The best air coolers come with the copper fan motor, as copper is the efficient and best conductor of electricity. Copper fan motor comes with longer life and consumes very less energy. The only drawback is the price because the air coolers with copper motor usually cost you higher than the aluminium fan motor. But the shelf life and durability of the copper motor is second to none. So, it is suggested that you opt for the air cooler that comes with copper fan motor and pumps internals. 

Digital Features

The modern air coolers come with different digital features like Air Conditioners. They have remote controllers and digital control panels that offer users the highest convenience and optimal fan speed control. But, the price of this model is quite higher than the typical air coolers. But with a comparison of Bajaj, Blue Star and Maharaja Air cooler price online, you can grab the affordable deal and save some money on online air coolers.       

Water Level Indicator

It is a convenient feature that every modern air cooler has today. The water level indicator allows the users to know about the water level in the water tank. So, they don’t have to peep to check the water level anymore. Depending on the water level in the tank, they may require to refill it for the maximum cooling efficiency of the cooler. 

Ice Cube Tray

It is the feature that you will mainly find in indoor air coolers. Ice Cube Tray allows you to add ice or icy water to the tank for faster cooling results. But, you must not add an excessive amount of ice as it prevents evaporation and hence the cooling efficiency of the cooler may get reduced. So, ensure to use the function as instructed in the manual. 

These were some of the features and functions of modern-day air coolers, and you must consider these factors while buying a new air cooler for your house. Other features that are worth considering when buying an air cooler include inverter compatibility, tower design, and water tank capacity. You may consider these factors to make the right selection of air cooler this summer to beat the soaring heat.                       

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