A Guide to Finding the Perfect School for Your Kids:

A Guide to Finding the Perfect School for Your Kids:

Choosing a school for your child is not as easy as it used to be back in your day. Today, there are various schools that have a whole list of courses, curriculums and specialized structures to offer. All this information can be a bit overwhelming for the new parents so today, we will help you to make the right choice to secure your child’s future:

·        Research
Decide what you want and look for schools that are meeting your needs. Research and filter out the schools that do not meet your requirements. Focus on the mission of the school. VSS which is an International school in Raipur is one the best when it comes to its mission. VSS stands for values, strength and success and the school is a blend of the best of conventional and contemporary education.

·        Core Values of the school
Schooling is not just about academic excellence. You must choose a school that encourages your child to go beyond academics. Opt for a school that equips your child with strong personal values along with fulfilling their physical, socio-emotional and human connection. For example, the VSS International School has a green school initiative program where the extra food that children bring is not thrown into the dustbin before they head home. It is collected by the school and donated to the less fortunate.

·        Infrastructure
Your child will be eager to look forward to going to school if the infrastructure appeals to them. Are the school premises well maintained with clean bathrooms? Are the classrooms well maintained and do they display the works done by the children? Do they have a playground and a library? These are some essential questions that you need to examine.

·        Your child’s needs
Before choosing a school, you must thoroughly understand the school’s approach to teaching because every child is different. Does the school offer enough support to a child who is a slow learner? If your child is a bit of a prodigy, can the school help him in nurturing his potential to the fullest by offering creative outlets or challenging programs? VSS is a school that believes that every learner is a unique individual with natural core competencies which makes them one of the best schools to take care of all of your child’s needs.

·        Affordability
VSS; one of the best International schools in Raipur offers a special fee structure for the girl child, siblings and children of armed and paramilitary forces. So look for schools like these that offer good academic training with a reasonable fee structure that does not overstretch your budget. 

·        School Curriculum
Check if the school board offers more than one curriculum and if it differs between junior and high school. You also need to look out for how long does the school offer its services. Some schools offer their services only till a certain grade after which you must change schools.

·        Visit the school
The brochures and the websites give you a good understanding of the school but nothing beats the actual visit. To get a sense of how the school is run, make an appointment during school hours and visit the classrooms, library, and playground. This will help you understand how the overall school environment looks like.

·        Faculty and the Staff
On your visit to the school, be sure to observe the faculty (non-teaching staff) as they are integral to the system and have an impact on your kid as well. Try to get a hold on their attitude and outlook towards their job so you can make an informed decision.

·        Talk to other students and parents

The students and parents will tell you about the school as it is while the staff may put their best foot forward. You can extract information about the quality of the school by talking to the students and their parents.

Once you have all the information with you, assess it and choose the school that you and your child feel is the best for y’all.  This is mostly decided directly by the data but sometimes you simply get a good feeling about the school and the staff. Always trust your gut.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can confidently choose the best school for your kid. We wish you and your child the very best of luck!

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