9 Tips to Shop on a Budget

9 Tips to Shop on a Budget

Spending more than necessary when shopping can affect your family finances, so you must know how to save when shopping by avoiding unnecessary purchases.

Tips to spend better when grocery shopping

Given the avalanche of offers and promotions to make you spend more, going to the supermarket can become like walking on quicksand for your family finances if you do not know how to manage your money well.

How many times have you gone for just one thing and ended up taking home three or four things that were just 'too good a bargain' to resist? 

That's why making a grocery shopping list is essential to control your spending.

Neuromarketing on the prowl

Have you noticed that the essential products are at the end of the stores? Or that the generic or cheaper brand products are located on the lower or upper shelves, leaving those of more expensive brands at eye level? Or that prices tend to end in pennies very close to the next pound to make you pay more, believing that you're paying less?

Well, these and many others are highly developed techniques by the so-called neuromarketing experts, which seek to appeal to your emotions and condition your buying behavior when shopping. Even the colors used in an advertisement and of course the message spread in a commercial have one intention: that you buy.

What can you do to resist and save money?

You can make going to the supermarket a conscious activity if you follow these tips on how to shop for groceries:

Plan weekly menus according to seasonal products and your family's tastes and make a shopping list of what you need, from items to quantities.

  • Buy only what you wrote down on that list of essential products.
  • Keep in mind that you don't need to fill the cart, however tempting it may be.
  • Go early so that you can compare products, contents, quantities, and prices.

Do not be convinced by 'special offers' on things that are not on your list or that exceed the quantities you need.

At home, keep fruits and vegetables in sight. This way you will know what you have for the week. If you keep them out of sight in the refrigerator, you might tend to buy more than you need. This can cause them to spoil and you will be throwing your money away.

Eat before going grocery shopping. Being hungry will make you fall into the trap of buying more.

Do not pay by credit card, unless you plan to pay the total amount due at the end of the month. Food is a primary expense and you should allocate a fixed amount in your budget.

Try shopping online, in addition to saving time and money going to the supermarket, you will also avoid exposing yourself to the temptations displayed by neuromarketing.

Budgeting and disciplining yourself when shopping

Economizing can help you save more for various purposes. Setting savings goals for your dream vacation, buying a car or a house, will be enough motivation to go to the supermarket with a budget and stick to it.

And with other types of purchases that are tempting, learn to apply the same habits; for example, do you need to change your tablet or cell phone? Or does the one you have still work well? Do you really need those new clothes?

What affects family finances the most are impulsive purchases, especially if they lead you into debt. Set aside a fixed amount for food and clothes and you will have money available for other purchases or activities.

Spending less in the supermarket is not so easy, it is something that requires a lot of planning and discipline. Follow these tips and you will see that your money will start to go further.

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