8 Types Of Salwar Suit Design- Be A Trendsetter!

8 Types Of Salwar Suit Design- Be A Trendsetter!

The salwar suit is an important part of Indian traditional clothing and it has a rich cultured past. This 3 piece clothing consists of a kurti top, a bottom wear garment, and a dupatta to complete the look.

Altogether it forms an outfit that perfectly caters to feminine needs such as grace and elegance that every woman is proud to show in the form of her clothing. For many decades the salwar suit has been worn by women throughout India and some other countries as well. It shows our heritage in many different ways.

Women have also found that this attire serves as a great way to make a fashion statement at any event. It is both stylish as well as comfortable enough to wear it for the entire day, this has been the secret for success for this outfit.

Another advantage is that no matter what body type you have, this one will cater to all the different variations and there are several styles to choose from. These garments have everything you need to look good, feel good, and create a buzz at any event you attend on any day.

Stylish Salwar Suits For All Seasons

Salwar suits are unique clothing that is vital for every fashion-conscious woman who wants to be a trendsetter.

Banarasi Silk Salwar Suit

One of India's most loved fabrics is silk which is conveyed in the form of the Banarasi silk saree. This style now also applies to the salwar suit and women who are drawn to smooth and shiny silk fabrics will be pleased to know that they can get their favorite outfit made from their favorite fabric as well.

Silk is a timeless material that is suited for any and every occasion, it is present in every woman's wardrobe and is considered a special outfit that is worn for only special occasions. But, every woman will not refuse a chance to own one of these Banarasi salwar suits that are decorated with the epic combination of silk and sparkling stones with the assistance of intricate embroidery work, this makes for a perfect wedding or party wear option.

Punjabi Suits For Color Lovers

It is a well-known fact that the Punjabi suit is known for its spectacular blend of colors that makes it look attractive and not too bright. The traditions associated with this garment are rich and strictly followed. This garment originates from Punjab and is worn by the local women but this particular style has become so popular that it is now worn by women throughout the country as it satisfies all their style needs.

Another important element of this garment is the attractive bottom wear that comes with it. The traditional pairing for these clothing is the 'dhoti' pants that are famous for the baggy pleats that appear on the inner side of them. Maximum comfort is provided by these pants making it great for wearing for long amounts of time.

When it comes to the Punjabi top, any color can be selected and you can find almost any color that you like and any design, plain, printed, embellished beads and stones, all are available on the market.

Cotton Suits To Beat The Heat

Summer season is the toughest season, but looking stylish during this time will be a simple task with cotton suits made from pure cotton. These will keep you cool and refreshed even during the worst heat.

To help you keep cool you should opt for simple white or off-white colored fabrics. Here minimalistic designs such as plain, printed, or simple embroidery makes for the best looking suits.

Cotton is one such fabric that has more benefits than style and getting this is why even simple attires made from cotton can seem very appealing even if it is not even decorated that much, this is why many cotton suits are present in every collection due to the desirable properties and feel it gives during the extreme weather conditions.

Team them up with palazzo, skirts, or a churidar which are in matching white or off-white tones. Now, keeping cool in hot and humid conditions will be an easy task for every woman.

Anarkali Suits Fit For Royalty

Anarkali suits are stylish wear for any occasion. They are inspired by the lehenga choli that was once worn by women of the during the Mughal era time. The long flowy skirt is what influences the design behind this national loved clothing style. Women across the country will gladly wear this clothing without ever refusing a chance to show off our heritage of our religion.

 The long kurti top of this salwar suit gives the impression of royalty to any woman who wears it. These are also known to be highly decorated with the most expensive and attractive decorations such as embroidery, stonework, beadwork, and any other decorations. That said they are the pride of India and there remains a high demand on the market for these stylish garments.

Pakistani suits

These originate from Pakistan and have finally come to India as many women have come to like this garment. The main highlight of this type of salwar suit is that both the garments, top, and bottom have a heavy decoration that will suit any flashy occasion such as a wedding or a party and this means you can have it ready at hand for any surprise party that requires you to look your very best even on short notice.

Embellishments made from stones, metallic embroidery threads, intricate shiny beadwork all look elegant are placed on the fabric throughout the top garment, making it very heavy and appealing to the eye.

It is not just the top garment as the bottom wear also is decorated in a similar way, except this decoration is only present towards the bottom of the pants, these pants are also called cigarette pants and are straight and slim-cut to make the wearer look taller and slimmer.

If you love these salwar suits designs then you can buy salwar kameez wholesale online which can save your time and money.

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