7  Tips - How to Become a More Productive Writer

7 Tips - How to Become a More Productive Writer

Writing is so essential as Eden. Why do I say so? I am saying this because writing makes us a better person. That is why becoming a more productive writer makes a great difference for us.

Do you care to become a productive writer?

Yeah! I know your answer would be yes. And that's what I want to make clear to you here. Writing is beautiful. You feel great when you express yourself through it. It gives you the medium to be heard by people who care to listen to you.

Yes! They will listen to you. If only you are confident enough to strike out your point. That's why you need to know how to write confidently as a writer. Because it makes your writing engaging and value-adding to your readers.

The question here is.

How do you write productively?

To become more productive in your writing. You need to know ways to spice up you writing and make it unique. Now let's boil down to the hot spot of the discussion for today on how to become a productive writer. Here is the gold mines that work for every productive writer.

#1. Do deep research work first: Yes, deep research is the key to creative writing. You need to know what your readers expect from you to meet there needs through your writing.

Reading through already written materials can help you find a better perspective to strike your unique view about a topic. Your opinion matters as a writer. That's why you need to air it out in your writing.
Deep researching floods your minds with great ideas to write on that topic you want to write about it.

You really need to do this to put up productive writing that gets your readers engage and also add value to them.

#2. Find questions your readers might likely ask: Here we go again. Good writing has to be a combination of questions and answers. You reader came all the way from the crowded internet world.
To get there questions answer by you. So you need to know those questions your readers might likely ask. And you can only gets those ideas through research works.
That's why writing that answers readers questions, tends to perform well than any other ones.
When you know what they might ask. You stand a greater chance of giving them the answer they expect from you.

#3. Ask questions that provoke thinking: This is very effective in keeping your readers engage with your article. To make your article unique and interactive.
You must ask thought-provoking questions that keeps your reader's eyes glued to your article to find out the answer.
Thought-provoking question is very effective when you want to write a productive writing piece. So add a little bit of thought-provoking question to your article to improve your reader engagement with your article.

#4. Avoid distraction while writing: Distraction isn't good for you as a writer. Although it is fine to go with cool music. That keeps you inspire and refreshed up.

Even at that, if you want to become a more productive writer. You need to shut out the noise. In other to stay focus in your writing. Because this can helps you keep a steady flow of ideas too while writing.

You need to write in a distraction-free environment to boost your productivity as a writer. Because when you are distracted, you lose focus on what you want to write. And at the same time, you lose some valuable inspirational ideas that comes to you at that very moment.

Therefore to boost your productivity as a writer it is good to write in a distraction-free environment.

#5. Keep your points short and sweet: Keeping your point short doesn't mean you shouldn't write down all those wonderful details that can help your readers get better.

Making your points short and sweet simply means you have to  avoid those unnecessary lines in you writing that is not required for your readers to understand your ideas.

You need to be brief and simple in your writing. Because of the comprehension background of people that might happen to become your readers.

Using simple expression is good for clarity sake

Clarity is the key. Using simple expression in your writing is essential for getting your ideas across to your readers faster. It makes life easier for your readers. Renders your points in a golden clear style to your readers.
In short writing with simple and clear terms is the beauty in productive writing in brief.
#6. Take a  break when necessary: If you feel uneasy with yourself. It is good to take some rest. Do some fun activities that can get you refreshed up.

If you want to become a productive writer.

You get to know when you are good to go or not. Some of us might be a type that is more productive at morning times and some of us might be better at the quiet times of the night. Knowing when you are most productive is good for you to know as a writer. And writing mostly at those times is very good to boost your productivity as a writer. It is nice for you to relax a bit when you feel out of the mode for writing.  You can always come back to write that wonderful piece you want to write. When you feel better and ready to write.

#7. Edit only after your first draft: Finish your first draft first before you think of making any corrections to your work. Editing why writing will make you lose track of what to write. It can terminate the flow of useful ideas while writing.

Editing while writing makes you lose focus on your writing. For this reason, you don't need to pay attention to your errors. Whether grammatically or accurateness of ideas. Because that off ideas you thought about might turn out to be one of your best ideas. you won't want to exclude after a thorough examination.

You have to know that no idea is bad. It might not fit well for the very topic you are writing about. But it might be useful somewhere else in your writing. Keep focus while writing to improve your productivity while writing. Don't get yourself distracted about anything. You have to keep on writing unique ideas in your head. Becoming a productive writer doesn't mean you are a magical writer. It is a product of consistent writing and editing.

Now, what are your own suggestions?

I will like to hear your own part on how to become a productive writer. your ideas might be helpful to a friend. Please drop your special opinion on this to encourage others to learn better.
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