What is the Scope of the Sports Market in 2020?

What is the Scope of the Sports Market in 2020?

The sports industry continues to be one of the growing industries in the world. There are various sports businesses available in the market from which sports betting is predicted to be the most growing industry which is rising by 11% in 2020 and estimated to rise by  $ 144.44 during the forecast period 2020-2024. The growth of the betting industry has risen by more than $ 500 billion with a growth rate of 5.9% by 2022. The sports betting market is increasing with the commercialization of sports events and with the legalization of sports betting. The investment in sports betting software is also increasing with the growth of the global sports betting market. According to research, almost 50% of people above 18 years have placed a bet on sports events. Betting makes up 30-40 % of the global gambling market that includes casinos, lotteries, pokers, and other sports. 

Demographics according to sports betting

  • According to experts, young bettors are actively involved in sports betting and they found it comfortable to bet. Soon the bettors found it as mainstream in the sports market.
  • According to the data of the American Gaming association 69% of bettors are men who placed bets online. In the past 12 months 45% of bettors are of the 23-34 age group.
  • Sports betting majorly influencing a demographic of young males in the market.
  • There are majorly two kinds of sports bettors available in the market; casual bettors who bet with friends, family through pool or league. The other one is core bettors.
  • As per the research by the American Association, there are nearly 32.8 million core bettors available in the market. 
  • The survey shows the figure of 61% Americans that are lacking interest in sports betting which is a sign of growth in 2020 as there are many states in the US where sports betting has become legal. 

Legalization in Sports Betting Industry

United Kingdom

  • The developed companies such as the US are now paving their ways in sports betting whereas since 1960 sports betting is legal in the UK.
  • As per the research by the experts, the most developed laws in sports betting is developed by the UK. The earliest sportsbook laws started in the The UK. 
  • The LCCP(License Conditions and Code of Practices) the UK gambling commission has published new norms and regulations for iGaming operators in the UK.
  • According to the UK gambling commission, they implemented the following changes in their regulations:
·         Development of standards of ADR
·         Enhancement in transparency standards
·         Measures for customer protection
·         To deal with gambling harm, the commission is collecting voluntary funds

United States

  • The states which were prohibited from sports betting are now legalized; this could be a great opportunity for businesses to develop sports betting business.
  • There are many states in the US where people are interested in sports betting. Investors found this opportunity profitable to enhance the growth of their business and redefine the revenue generation model.
  • The recent states where the sports betting is legalized are Lowa, Nevada, New York, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Indiana, etc.
  • New Jersey and Delaware were the first states to grab this opportunity and generated major revenue. New Jersey generated revenue of approx 385 million dollars in a month. 
  • According to a legal sports report sports betting is legalized in 13 states and other states will also surely follow them as per their state legislatures. 
  • The legalization in states will generate more interesting developments in the upcoming time. 


  • Land-based and sports betting licenses are planned to be granted in 2020.
  • The Darmstadt Regional Council, gambling licensing authority has developed minimum requirements that have to be fulfilled by the operators to launch a sports betting business.
  • The requirements include documents and declarations that covers the following aspects:
·         Information of applicants and representatives
·         Payment processing
·         Gambling representatives
·         IT security
·         Minors protection

Scope of Sports Betting in Upcoming Time

The legalization of sports betting will surely uplift the sports betting market in the future. Various partnerships are coming in the market that shows a contribution to the current betting market and leads to a major boost to the overall revenue of the industry. The future aspects of sports betting industry include the following scenarios in the upcoming time of 2020:

  • The globalization of the sports betting market
When sports betting was not legal in the US, there were approx 97% betting placed illegally. The new scenario of legalization in the US shows the upcoming opportunities to bookmakers in 2020. To enhance the business and attract the audience, the operating way of sports betting is also developed globally by the operators.
  • Profitability to sports leagues
 In the upcoming times sports betting will perform online for enhancing their profits. The sports leagues depict direct profits and enhance the revenue generation model of the business. The sports leagues are officially partnered with data companies and other gambling firms that raise profitability to sports leagues.

  • Online Betting Platforms

Over time, the number of mobile users increases that will generate huge opportunities in the upcoming years. People prefer online betting as the easiest way that enables operators and entrepreneurs to invest in the industry.

  • Rising competitiveness among companies
Many high-tech companies will enlarge their business in wagering due to legalization in sports betting. The business in digital platforms is also shifting to sports betting that shows the upcoming competitiveness in 2020. These companies will compete and expect to extend their market share. 

  • Developed scope for new and existing operators
 In the upcoming years, existing and new operators are expected to raise the audience in the industry. With the recent legalization of sports betting, the popularity of sports betting has also increased. There will be various future opportunities for operators across the globe. The sports industry will get benefits through legalization and also enhance the number of users in the market. 

Due to legalization in sports betting the upcoming years will be determined as a growing year for the sports betting industry. It is highly beneficial for investors to opt for the ultra-modern sports betting software. The investors need to consider the following aspects to develop sports betting business:

  • Market research
  • Analyzing audience 
  • Determining the operation
  • Searching for sports betting software provider
  • Research for industry
  • Create requirement sheet
  • Develop the sports betting business through software development

According to the research, sports betting is on a tremendous level of growth in 2020. The above statistical records indicate that investing in sports betting can be beneficial for entrepreneurs. To expand the business and rebuild the revenue generation model, sports betting can be a great investment for the operators. As stated above legalization in various countries shows the upcoming future and opportunities of sports in the market. The upcoming years will analyze potential changes in market trends. Thus, the scope of the sports market is rising in the sports betting industry and can be a beneficial aspect for the operators. 

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