The Stunning iPhone Development Trends you can’t miss in 2020

The Stunning iPhone Development Trends you can’t miss in 2020

Mobile applications have become a way of life. Thanks to the evolution in technology businesses are leveraging their strategy to endorse their products using mobile apps. Much in sync with development in smartphone technology, developers are keeping in touch with the changing iOS app algorithms. Undoubtedly, the security and feel of iOS beat Android and the best iPhone app development company needs to carry the same swiftness while coding apps for iOS platforms.

Statistical data suggests that mobile app development arenas will gross $581.9 billion in revenue terms, in 2020. Much to the likes of mobile development, iOS app trends are ruling the market. The total number of apps is going to hit the 2 million mark in the App Store. Starting with the basic features, apps are enhancing techs like IoT, VR, and AR. These serve as the blueprint of app development for iOS in 2020.

In verse with the larger picture, iOS app development has the power to boost the visibility of a brand, products, or services. With the increasing specs in smartphones, developers will be challenged to construct worthier and productive apps in the coming times.

The following graph shows the Apple App Store earnings of mobile app developers until January 2020. Apple has paid a total of 155 billion US dollars to iOS app developers. Apple App store apps acquire a market share of 18% and are the most lured and talked-about operating systems of the world. This concludes one thing, iOS development is not just a need of the market, it is a profitable venture too.

Keeping all the figures and stats in mind, let’s learn about the upcoming iOS apps and their features, in 2020.

Apple Pay

Apple isn’t the only tech company launching its payment methods. However, Apple Pay is changing the future of money transactions for online e-commerce users. Slowly and steadily, it is becoming a universal mode of online payment for users.

According to Statista, there are 127 million Apple Pay users worldwide using the payment method to order physical goods, services, donations, etc. Apple Pay facilitates a speedy and secure purchase on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. It prevents users from scrolling to the checkout page since purchases are made automatically by Apple Pay.

Apple pay can be used for any sort of purchase, right from physical shopping, online shopping, club membership, ticket membership, food ordering, table reservations, bank payments, and a lot more. Much like the other Apple apps, it is highly secure and a user doesn’t have to save their credit or debit card details. Furthermore, the transactions on Apple Pay are raised by 500% since its release.

AI and SiriKit

Siri might not be the perfect example of Artificial Intelligence owing to the innovations taking place in the field of AI-assistants, but it is still an important inclusion in Apple's ecosystems. Siri has powerful speech recognition and natural language processing (NLP) techniques. With the incorporation of the best Machine Learning modules and deeper AI integration, Siri is undergoing several developments.

Moreover, the new SiriKit launched with iOS 12 has made Siri far more accessible than it was before. It lets iOS apps and WatchOS to work in sync with Siri. Other noteworthy features include hands-free usage and app access from the lock screen. The applaud of Apple devices in the market can be understood from the fact, Apple sold more than 3.5 million smartwatches in the second quarter of 2018.

If you are an iOS development company, then you need to build apps that support the user interface of WatchOS and other Apple devices. Indulge in building apps that provide a more interactive medium to the user.

Apple HomeKit

Home automation is a running trend these days and Apple is adapting to it as well. Through Apple HomeKit, you can control anything in your home with an iPhone. Users can store all the information in one file and access it from any device via cloud storage. Users can control all the notifications from one point allowing them to do pretty much everything they want from one spot.

Cloud integrated iOS apps

Cloud technology has brought a revolution to the tech world. With cloud technology, organizations can store vast amounts of data in the cloud without using too much data ever again. For the same, most of the iOS apps are built on cloud technology and Apple provides the most secure and stable platform for it.

iCloud services allow users to store their content on the cloud without worrying about space. According to Wikipedia, iCloud is used by 850 million iOS users. Therefore, mobile app development companies need to build apps that can be easily integrated with iCloud.

Improved app security

Every iOS update improves its security by some levels. Besides, Apple is known for its secure algorithms and how similar policies are prized by every iOS user. Apple has currently 1.4 billion active devices and if its system is hacked, it can serve a disastrous impact on the community.

To prevent any future system hacking, Apple initiated an enterprise-wide culture to cate to the needs of a user and provide them safe experience. This will improve overall security and prevent any cyber-attacks and data breaches.

For example, password autofill feature in IOS. Apple has already deployed ASWebAuthentication Sessions, which helps to coordinate cookies and website data before signing in. This way, an Apple user can use the authentication service’s framework to incorporate password manager apps.

Final Words

The aforesaid iOS development trends are going to rule the market, in 2020. So, before you get into an iOS app development process, devise a supportive framework for the Apple iOS app trends. If you wish you create an iOS app, it should include some app development strategy that can be easily accepted by the Apple community.

An innovative and productive iOS app is always supported by its users. Remember, don’t just create an app, build something that adds value to the lives of the app users.

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