Step Up Halloween Game with Contact Lenses

Step Up Halloween Game with Contact Lenses

31st October; a day full of art, themes, creativity, and colors! Halloween marks the end of the summers and arrival of winter. It is believed that the ghosts of the dead return to earth on this specific day and harm the world. With different beliefs and religious virtues, this three-day celebration is observed by mostly the non-Christian community. It is a great deal of festivity; people wear funky costumes to ward off the ghosts, they light up bonfires and perform various activities like carving jack o lanterns, trick or treating. There are festive gatherings, eating treats together, and a lot more. The day is followed by various religious prayers and activities as well.

Well, the believes and thoughts apart. In this era, it is more about donning stunning costumes and ghosting not only the ghosts but humans as well. It is not just about wearing costumes but putting on the funkiest makeup as well. In all this, you can't neglect the difference your eyes can make. So, to brush off your Halloween costume, put on unique contact lenses, and step up your whole Halloween game!

Do’s and don’ts while wearing contact lenses on Halloween

Halloween costumes are all about art and creativity. Believe it or not, but you are the canvass as well as the artist for this day! So, kick off your look with some captivating and enthralling eyes! Halloween contact lenses inspired by the artwork, ghosts, fire, wildness should be your go-to! After that, paint your face and step in beguiling costumes!

Here we have a few tips for you to keep in mind before you pick up contact lenses for Halloween.

      ·  Don’t go for cheap lenses because they will irritate your eyes as they are potential carriers of infection.  
  • Choose your theme in advance and order customized contact lenses. This way, you can find prescription lenses as well.
  •  Be very careful while doing makeup if you are wearing contact lenses. It is better to put on the lenses once you are done with makeup.
  • Avoid sitting or going near the bonfire. You don't want to lose your eyes after all for the thrill.
   Here is a list for some great contact lenses that you can try on Halloween, have the thrill and leave people in awe.

Grunge Style Contact Lenses for Halloween

It is a popular belief amongst people who celebrate Halloween that dressing up in scary outfits make ghosts think that you are a fellow of them. So, why not trick the ghosts with yellowish-gold eyes? Put on yellow or golden contact lenses and get yourself temporary yellow hair and slip into a similar colored costume. These eyes will surely help you scare not just fellow ghosts but people as well. You can re-use these contact lenses someday to create another grunge look as well.

Funky Contact Lenses for Halloween

Girls want cute, but Halloween demands scary! Don't worry girls here is something mesmerizing for you all to try out. These two in one contact lenses will help you create a cutesy yet deadly look for Halloween eve. Put on a purple galaxy-inspired contact lens in one eye, and heart-shaped lense in another. Isn't it something funky for you but scary enough for others to see? Mission accomplished!

Grey Mesh Contact Lenses for Halloween with Full makeup

You might be thinking of getting some contact lenses for Halloween, and the internet must be providing you with thousands of options. Here we have one for you which you won't regret at all. Get yourself grey mesh contact lenses and wear them. They will help you cover your pupil with a grey plus freaky mesh effect. They really blend well with almost any eye color. If you want to have even more meshy eyes than opt for white mesh contact lenses.

Blood Red Eyes for Halloween

Time to look straight into ghost's eyes and scare the hell out of them! Oops sounds a little too much, but that's actually what Halloween is for. Girls or boys, whoever you are reading this, don't miss on blood-red eyes at all. There are numerous ways in which you can have red eyes, be them full red, mesh red, or just the outer or inner filter as red. It is obviously not possible without contact lenses. So, save some money in advance to get yourself blood-red eyes on Halloween.

Minimal Contact Lenses for Halloween

Minimal eyes are all you need for Halloween eve if you aren't into heavy costumes and too much makeup. Still, don't miss the fun and thrill at all. This opportunity comes once a year. Get yourself pure white contact lenses. Nops, we aren't talking about all white, but pure white or milky white. Contact lenses with milky white outer filter and the black inner filter will surely help you out create some captivating look.

3D Contact Lenses to Create Zombie Look for Halloween

3D has changed the fashion game for sure! You need nothing else if you have 3D contact lenses for Halloween. Wear them, just add on some zombie inspired makeup and let the glowing eyes do its job. They will speak on your behalf; you only have to give people a deadly stare!

Walking Dead – Blind White Eyes for Halloween

Blind eyes scare people normally, what makes you think they won't when you have full makeup on with them? Get yourself all white contact lenses with both inner and outer filters as white. Let the white blend with white corners of your eyes and walk as if walking dead on Halloween eve.

Wild Eye Contact Lenses for Halloween

Don't miss a chance to wear wild eyes, especially on Halloween. Wear red, yellow, black, and white eyes together and turn heads!

How to Rock Simple Contact Lenses on Halloween

Stun even in the simplest of all eyes! Everyday contact lenses in blue, grey, and green can help you create a beguiling Halloween look as well if worn with artwork inspired makeup.

Art Work Inspired Contact Lenses

Artwork inspired contact lenses, be it fire, water, web, or any other thing that cannot be missed on Halloween.

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