Any start-up or even an established company to grow itself into a better market share and broad customer base has to make provision for a separate domain of marketing, advertising, and promotion.

It is a set of initiatives to accentuate the visibility and brand awareness of the company as well to enlarge its sales.

In the earlier days, this function just used to be a simple task done with the help of advertisements in televisions, radio, and even word of mouth schemes.

However, with the advent of the internet revolution, accompanied by various tools and platforms to attract significant tech-savvy millennial, leveraging the digital marketing sphere is only inevitable.

Now, this 21st-century marketing and promotional efforts in this digital era are all undertaken in the cyberspace realm only.

Very popular enabling ease of place and efforts, digital marketing the function adds to the brand visibility of a business as well as extensive sales.

In this sea of digital marketing stream, the ways and tools are innumerable to choose by for impactful and effective marketing.

One often wonders about so many digital marketing jargons used and its usages. 

People are only aware of the most popular used terms namely:- 

  1. Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  2. Social Media Optimization or SMO, 
  3. Pay per Click Advertisements, 
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Email marketing, 
  6. Content marketing, 
  7. Affiliate marketing,
  8. Instant message marketing 

Not many people are aware of Search engine marketing or SEM. Let’s add some valuable and useful insights about SEM as an effective tool for digital marketing. 


Search engine marketing or SEM is a process of undertaking promotion and advertising of the websites by enhancing its visibility and appeal.

This is done by employing search engine results pages (SERPs) for facilitating the posting of paid advertisements.

The impact of the better placement of advertisements in various popular search engines like Google, Bing, and yahoo is that it leads to the increased website clicks and organic traffic of the website.

With the help of the right keywords and backlinks on the website, SEM indulges in gaining a high ranking in most search engines.

Having a good search engine ranking for the website means that it is placed amongst the first or second of the search results. Thus, they have highly visited the website.

It also leads to the prospects' visits to practical sales conversions.

For the same, advertisers for getting premium to undertake a bidding process and popular keywords are done, which ensures the highest number of website clicks.

The advertisements so placed are called as pay per click ads which can be Small text-based ads or Product listing ads.

For instance, online lenders are nowadays advertising their products like:

“People devoid of any employee wanting to start a digital marketing the venture may take the assistance of loans for unemployed.

Available at a competitive rate of interest, these loans can even be availed right from the comfort of one’s house.”

It means they have used the keywords in between their enticing lines of advertisements.

Here is one more example of them:-

Bad credit loans are a useful type of finance offered for those people struggling to get assistance as they have below the optimum credit score.”

It's not at all easy for people to have very bad creditworthiness to gain any monetary assistance, and thus these bad credit loans are convenient. Therefore, they are achieving maximum traffic and giving advantages to the lenders.


In this, the foremost task is to get the best keywords that are not only relevant but also ensure to attract the masses' attention in the advertisements floated.

Website traffic generation is the primary aim here, and for this search, perception impacts analysis is done with the help of title and Meta tags, site indexing.

The next step involves the analysis in ascertaining the backlinks functioning and its popularity to bring forth high ranking algorithms.

It ensures that the Presence and impact of the website on various search engines are on the first preference appearing right at the top of the screen when searched.

Besides, for all these tasks to be undertaken, various kinds of tools like:

  • Web analytic tools, 
  • HTML validators
  • Traffic counters, 
  • Page tagging, 
  • Logfile analyzing tool, 
  • Tag-based tools and 
  • Transaction-based tools

These are to gain valuable Conversion related information. 


  1. Some pertinent questions in this regard would include: 
  2. How many times the ad is visible.
  3. What is the cost per click (CPC) for the ad???
  4. What is the cost per million (CPM) impressions???
  5. How many numbers of the website click one get or click-through rate (CTR) 

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