Scary and Creepy Halloween Contact Lenses

Scary and Creepy Halloween Contact Lenses

People wait the entire year for Halloween eve and that is not because of the celebrations and fun they have on this night. Then guess why? Well, the answer is because this is the only day in the entire year when people can bring their art, creativity and makeup skills to some good use, to a platform where everyone can see their talent and praise them.

Scary, creepy, and terrifying looks are something every person wants to create on this night. Still, very few people succeed in doing so because many people lack one basic and most important tool while dressing up for Halloween. Yes, the game-changer is Halloween contact lenses! Donning unique costumes, being inspired by a specific theme, and wearing makeup is definitely a must to create a complete, beguiling look for Halloween. But remember that you will always be missing something if you don't wear contact lenses. Look mind-blowing and on point with colorful, popping, creepy, and frightening eyes.

Here are some of the most wanted looks that you can create with the help of captivating Halloween contact lenses.

Night King with Blue Eyes

Lovers of Game of Throne knows for sure who this character is. If you are inspired by the Night King and his ruthless and cold appearance, then dress up like him and let every one fear you. Dress like ice and fire at a time and play with your eyes. Put on ice blue, or light blue contact lenses. Along with that, create a pointy nose and years. The creepy eyes will be enough to scare everyone.

Fade Eye Shadow Demons

Getting a costume is not a hard thing, but doing your makeup and eyes along with it to look on point is surely a hard thing to do. If you are inspired by a faded eye shadow demon and want to look like one on Halloween then doesn't worry because contact lenses are something that can help you look like the perfect spooky fade eyeshadow demon. Terrorize your neighborhood and your friends and slip into the demon costume. You no longer have to cut out eyes from cardboard to finish off your look, instead opt for some bold contact lenses in red, orange, or some other dark shade.

LED Light Up

Forget about the times when you used to use LED lights or masks to frighten your friends and guests on Halloween eve. Scare them all different this year in a way no one would have expected you. Slip into an all-black costume, even cover your teeth and put on 3D contact lenses, or any other lenses that spark from far far away, just like cat eyes. Imagine people seeing only bright eyes at the height of 5 or 6 feet in a blackout.

Scary Zombie Eyes

Zombies and Halloween have a special link since the day out. And people are still figuring out why it is so. A rough guess is that it is because zombies and ghosts look alike. Sometimes, zombies look even scarier than the ghosts and make them run. If you are of the same belief, then dress up like a zombie on this eve but not like ordinary times. Don't just don a costume if you want to look like a working grave shift zombie, blood-spattered white nurse zombie, or even a carhop zombie. Also, forget about the masks this time because you can create the same look with more convenient contact lenses. Create some spooky eyes with pure white, mesh, light-colored, or multicolored contact lenses.

Skeleton Costume and Dead Eyes

Pumpkins, skeletons, and dead eyes have a very strong connection with Halloween, and it dates back to the period that humans of today have never lived in. Now when it is something in tradition and custom, why back off from it? Instead of that, add some more creativity and innovation to skeleton costumes and dead eyes and stun everyone. Shock people with those dead eyes that you created with the help of those light and minimal contact lenses and makeup. Get everyone's blood pumping while you dress up as dead on the day of the dead.

Annabelle Inspired Halloween Contact Lenses

A small doll that scared half of the population is now an inspiration for Halloween dress-up ideas. Kids, teenagers, and elders everyone alike love to dress up like her. It is because creating this character is easy, also extremely terrifying and deadly. If you are planning to create a similar look and think your eyes can not do justice to this look, then don't worry, wear contact lenses similar to her eyes and brush off your look with makeup and a rugged and unkempt dress.

These were some of the most wanted scary, spooky, and creepy looks that any person can create with the help of Halloween contact lenses.

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