ROBOT VIOLET- The New Technology Master To Beat The Corona Virus-19

ROBOT VIOLET- The New Technology Master To Beat The Corona Virus-19

The use of technology is beyond the explanation of people's imagination because it forces your mind to think of incredible creations. Very few people in this world have the brains to deal with the complications of the technology.  It is the 21st century going on, and people have already come up with the best establishments in producing high tech. Like, smartphones, the introduction of artificial intelligence, video calls and many more.

It is the practice of performing technology. It helps in favouring the outburst of its production in favour of people.  For the people who admire the feature of technology gives rise in the power of making the best move in the maintenance of it. The benefit of technology has made people come closer, more productive and futuristic because of it. When you think of performing the technology to favour the people, there is no doubt that it stores side effects too.

By magnifying the current scenario of the pandemic coronavirus, it has made people go under isolation to avoid its spread. You would be glad to know about the fact that technology has once again contributed to backing people to fight with the spreading of COVID-19.

How Is Technology Helping Us?

To make the technology feasible for everyone is comprehensively helping people because of its positive spread. The enlargement of the given situation requires handling the role of its performance in making the lives better for everyone. As we can see that the performance of the technology requires bothering the assessment related to it, you can anytime make the best move.
By taking an example of the current stance is that as people are under lockdown constraint, the need a source to communicate. To turn the convenience into comfort, people can make video calls so that they can share the concern of each other's health. It is just one stance to consider, and there is the proper manner of the given constraints of the fact. Not only that, but even software engineers can also bring down the concern that they can operate other's computer by sitting in their comfort zone.

What is the update in technology?

It is evident in the phase of technology is that it has to be created by someone, and it cannot discover anything itself. There have been scientist and researches have come up with tools and robot that help people to be leading the social distancing.
In recent news, the Irish scientist has created a robot that helps in informing the peculiarities of coronavirus. It can easily detect the people so that they can manage to deal with the virus in every possible way.

On that note, recently, the Akara Robotics- a start-up has created a robot that helps the hospitals in a meaningful manner.

What about the robot?

The phase of maintaining tech advancement has created the use of the robot in the hospital cleaning in the minimum time of 15 minutes.

Earlier they have developed Robot Violet; it was designed to share the loneliness of the older adults in elderly home care. The founder of the start-up DR. CONOR MCGINN believed to use the same robot to clean the hospital.

Many hospitals are now using it as a trial, whether it is benefiting them or not. 
The use of robots is to be friendly with humans so that they can reduce or share the management of work on their own. Therefore, who could have thought that once the robot was initiated to aid the elders is now functioning to spread the helping hand for the hospital workers?

How does it perform?

The functioning of the robot performs the best feature that it spread the ultraviolet light or UV-C light. It further helps in causing to either change the shape of DNA, or it acts as the molecular scissor. The action proceeds in making the small nicks and lacerations which are toxic to a virus-like COVID-19.

It is advisable by the founder to make it assemble in every hospital to ensure the protection of the workers at the hospital premises.

Why is there a delay?

Thought Technology has always made it's the best efforts to shake hands with the betterment of people, but there is still be the uncertainty of it. The only difference is the trust of accepting Technology has brought the delay in making its function to its practical use.

Well, if we talk about China, then there is a company called UVD robots shipped hundreds of robots already in the hospitals for its better use.

How to cop-up with the expense?

Here comes the primary concern of the people is that the introduction of funds can cause trouble.  You would be surprised to know that even small health care can afford to keep the Robot Violet.  If there is a lack of money expense, then Quick loans in Ireland can be the source where you can collect the funds. Therefore, it is a natural source to make the product better and purposeful to beat the pandemic with Technology.

The Final Word

It is just a thought that takes care of you to think about the use of Technology in making your work easy. As you can see that scientist has made their contribution to fight with the spread of corona in the best possible way. It can be a wise thought because sometimes the help from Technology can never be replaced by anything in the world.  Therefore, if you think that such usage of Technology should be in your hospital too then, you must think of it now.
Description- The successful use of technology is by the introduction of Robot Violet to fight the COVID-19 VIRUS and for the cleanliness of the hospitals.

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