Review - Best Computer Monitoring Software for Parents

Review - Best Computer Monitoring Software for Parents

The prevalence of modern digital technologies has put up parents’ obligations regarding their children. They are now more concerned about their kids’ security in the online world.

To prevent teenagers from becoming a victim of online crime or any wrongdoing, they need special assistance. The monitoring software plays an important role in this regard.

By installing the software on a computer device, parents can watch out all actions performed by their children on that digital machine. However, the selection of reasonable monitoring software for computer devices can be difficult.

To help non-tech-savvy parents in getting the best solution for desktop and laptop computers, we have reviewed here the high-tech computer monitoring software TheOneSpy.

Computer Tracking Software

Do you want to monitor your kids’ online actions? If yes, you need to get their internet-connected digital devices installed with tracking software for PC. Advanced computer surveillance software enables parents to supervise their kids’ digital behavior and actions performed on online platforms. The software comes with an online portal through which parents can monitor and operate computer devices without having them into possession.

Track Windows Devices

If you want to monitor Windows computers, you can make use of the TOS Windows monitoring solution. It allows tracking the most popular computer devices including Dell, HP, Acer, Samsung, and LG. However, the device must be running Windows OS versions 7, 8, or 10 to run the spy software successfully.

Track MAC Machines

The high-tech surveillance solution also supports Mac computers including MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini. The Apple computer must be running Mac 10.5 or above. 

Core Features

We have discussed here the most advanced features of the parental control software for Windows and Mac computers.

Screen Recording

Whatsoever appears on your kid’s computer screen can be seen and captured with the high-tech screen recording feature. It enables parents to supervise their kids’ online and offline actions remaining anywhere. You can start screen recording anytime by sending a remote command through the online control panel of the tracking software. On receiving your command, the device starts capturing whatever appears on the screen and uploads it to your secret online account.

Remote Control Camera & MIC

As well as monitoring computer activities, the surveillance of the software also allows supervising actions performed in the surrounding of that device. You can listen to what your kids speak and can watch what they do when they are around their monitored machines. The software lets you turn on the camera and microphone of the monitored computer to monitor and capture surrounding scenes and sounds.

Monitor and Manage Internet Use

The tracking software enables parents to prevent their kids from misusing the internet and visiting age-inappropriate websites. It provides access to the browsing history of internet-connected computer machines. If parents find their kids visiting objectionable and unproductive websites, they can block access to those websites using TheOneSpyparental control software.


There is more the computer monitoring app solutions you can get to ensure kids’ online protection. All you can do to visit official webpage   to know about features, subscription criteria and price of the software.

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