Places to Explore Near Munnar | How to Reach Munnar

Places to Explore Near Munnar | How to Reach Munnar

God has been especially kind to India which has an incredible beauty in its various regions due to diversity in climate, weather, altitude etc. Diversity in India offers delights to tourists and travellers. Acres and acres of lush green land bestowed with scented air, hilly landscapes and waterfalls make southern India to boast of some of its magnificent hill stations too.

Here, we will be exploring the magical Munnar!

The most beautiful, mesmerizing, serene, Magical Hill Station in South India is Munnar which is known as "Honeymooners Paradise". This hill station is located in Idukki district of Kerala. Munnar derives its name from three rivers that merge here. Decorated with lofty mountains amidst swirls of pale mist and low flying clouds, rich green slopes and velvety carpets of tea and spice plantations, hints of pink, yellow and sparkling blues dotting the landscapes, pine and oak trees lightly swaying to the cool mountain breeze, filled with refreshing aroma of tea leaves everywhere, Munnar may just be the reason "Kerala" is open referred as "God's own country".

Munnar is also regarded as "Kashmir of South India”. Now let’s have a look at places to explore in Munnar

1.   Maraayoor

Hub of Sandalwood trees, Maraayoor is located 40 km from Munnar known as a Rain Shadow village. Reduced rainfall is suitable for abundant growth of sandalwood trees. It is heavenly unexplored tourist spot which is excellent tracking spot for adventure seekers. Descending the hills one can see cane crop in the valley below dancing in the wind. Tuvanam waterfalls where one can spend endless time are romancing with nature here.

2) Kundala lake

It is about 20 km distance from Munnar on the way to top station. The famous Neelakurinji flowers which blossoms once in 12 years bloom in these hills and valleys around Kundla Lake. There is an artificial dam in which pedal boats, Kashmiri Shikara boats and rowboats are available which makes rowing a wonderful experience beyond words.

3) Nilgiri Tahr – the animal

The scientific name is Nilgiritragus hypocrisy. It is Caprine Ungulate that is endemic to Nilgiri tails and Southern portion of Western Ghats. It's the state animal of Tamil Nadu also known as Nilgiri Ibex. These are actually stocky goats with short course fur. They were on verge of extinction but now their number is increased to 2000 animals by early intervention by Forest Department.

4) Neelakurinji flowers

Massive flowering happens once only in 12 years due to the life cycle nature of this flower. The Nilgiri name "Blue mountains" derived from wild neelakurinji flowers which carpets the whole of mist-clad hill ranges in colour of blue and attracts tourists to experience the scenic beauty.

5) Eravikulam National Park

It is evergreen stifling and subtropical moist broadleaf forest. These are known as "shoals". The main motive behind the park is to protect the Nilgiri Thar and Nilgiri langur, Nilgiri Wood pigeon-like endangered species of animals and birds. The tourists are free to travel deep into the forest to explore the hidden beauty of the environment around.

6) Top station and Echo point

It is located 32 km away from Munnar which is the highest point 1700 metres above the sea level. One can enjoy panoramic view of Western Ghats and valleys of Theni district of Tamilnadu. It got its name from the fact that it was uppermost railway station located in Kundla Valley.

Echo Point: It is situated at Lake Bank and got it's name from the natural Echo phenomenon. If you scream here, you will get to hear your own voice returning to you. It is located 15 km away from Munnar on the way to top station. This place is surrounded with mist covered hills, waterfalls and clean air.

7) Mattuputty

It is located 13 km away from Munnar. The main attraction is dam and lake which is the vital source of electricity generation. It is heaven for many wild animals and birds due to its constant water availability. Many water sports activities like speed boating, pedal boating, row boating, motor boating can be done here. Amidst the hills surrounded by tea gardens, there is a beautiful lake where you can go for boating and enjoy the tranquility.

How to reach Munnar?

1.    By Air

Nearest airport is Kochin International Airport which is 110 km away and Madurai airport which is 103 kilometres and Coimbatore is 165 kilometres.

2.    By train

Nearest railway station is Ernakulam which is 140 km and Aluva which is also nearly 140 kilometres far.

Best time to visit Munnar is from March to May, in which you can see the exotic flora and fauna nestled among mountains of Western Ghats, scented air of tea, endangered species of animals and birds, Kurunjimala Sanctuary where slopes of hills will be blossomed by Neelakurunji flowers, all will be captured and filmed by your camera will be the best memory of your life to feel refreshed, rejuvenated in nature, by nature and with nature.

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