Keep an Instagram story in your little finger - Check it out

Keep an Instagram story in your little finger - Check it out

The Instagram story has grown almost unbelievably in the last few years. There were as many as 500 million daily active users in January 2019. However, few brands and companies use it to its full potential. What is stopping them from fully utilizing this great feature?

The only answer that comes to my mind is the lack of knowledge of how to use it effectively. Although the stories are part of the platform mentioned, they are quite different from the usual Instagram posts. The truth of Instagram stories is that pre-planning and tactical use are, in fact, an extremely untapped gold mine of business communication with their audiences. Want to learn how to make the most of Instagram stories to their full potential? Stay with me.

The importance of planning Instagram story posts

Designing Instagram stories on the first ball contradicts the primary purpose of the Instagram story feature - to document and create stories as they happen. Even so, companies do not have a hard time with their pictures and pictures pre-defined. Perhaps the opinion on the necessity of spontaneous Instagram stories will change the following: As many as 1 in 5 organic Instagram stories created by businesses lead to a private message. They accomplish this by defining what they want to achieve and communicate with their Instagram story post.

So ... You don't have to plan your Instagram stories in detail. Draw only an approximate outline and outline of the content. Everything will be much easier.

How to get the perfect Instagram stories?

The matter is dealt with as follows…

Every good story, no matter who tells it and where, has a beginning, a peak, and an end. The beginning of your story sets the expectations of the audience. You can explain it in different ways. Use a snapshot, simple text on the screen, or a boomerang clip with an explanation. When a story begins in the middle of a day, process, or experience, it will be difficult for your audience to understand what they are watching and why. This will prepare them to exit the whole story or the following of your Instagram stories. If you confuse your audience often enough, the audience will simply learn to overlook your content.

I recommend that you always use a single communication method when creating Instagram services.

The introduction allows exiting the story to anyone who is not interested in the content. The Instagram story has a retention of viewers as a key performance metric, which makes this piece extremely important. You want those who will review your Instagram story from beginning to end.

To better illustrate: everyday life stories are great for someone who sells a personal brand. For example, you can start it with a photo of a cup of coffee. Keep the text simple, with a clear explanation - "day in the life." The goal is an interesting introduction that sets the viewer tone for the rest of the story. If your goal is to post a new product or service, let's start with the result that the product brought to the user. The master of introducing new products to the market through Instagram stories is Starbucks. See how they introduced their new line of caffeinated beverages to their followers.

As you move toward the middle of your story, your purpose becomes especially important. Your content must connect with trackers in a way that is relevant to them, including when promoting your products or services. Sales should be transformed into education, inspiration, or fun. When publishing a new story each time, first make sure the content is related to the previous one.

Throughout the central part of the story, pay attention to the variety of content. That keeps her interesting. Don't just focus on pictures or videos. Instagram itself gives you all the tools you need to create interesting stories. It takes advantage of this by combining different types of content.

When you finish your story, try calling the viewer to action (CTA). Do you know what you want the viewer to do at the end of the viewing? Tell him! People are much more inclined to act by directly alerting them. You can ask your followers to send you a private message in case of ambiguity. They can also do so if they want to know more about the story of the story.

The call to action may also be: "Check out the latest post on our profile and find out more about our product."

If you have more than 10,000 followers or "Verified" checkmark on the profile, you have available an incredibly powerful tool - the function of the pull-up (Swipe up). This allows you to post interesting content in a story about a new product, service or event, and then encourage viewers to "pull up for details." Irritation about upcoming events is important, especially if you are going to share stories every day. Unfinished stuff is hard for anyone to accept, and previews for upcoming stories build your followers' habits. They must know well that you intend to complete your story as well.

When writing a text for your Instagram story, first ask yourself 4 questions:

·         Is it useful? If it doesn't add value to the viewer, does your story even make sense?
·         Is it unique? Have you found anything very similar elsewhere?
·         Is it necessary? Will the audience want to urge immediately after seeing the story?
     Is it ultra-specific? Will the user know exactly what you wanted to achieve after seeing your story? The instructions do not need to contain hard facts or statistics, but they need to be clear and understandable.

What is a temporal frame of Instagram Stories?

When creating your story, it is helpful to know the key timelines of Instagram stories. Each story is maintained for 24 hours. A posted video can take up to 14 seconds, and the photo will only take up to 8 seconds. You can make as many story contributions as you want. The recommended limit is 12 stories in 24 hours as users rarely look more.

Compile and publish all parts of a story at a time, or schedule them for hours. Your approach should depend on the story you are telling. Of course, you can also save stories to allow them to remain on your profile forever. How?

Use the Highlight option

The Instagram Highlights feature lets you combine multiple Instagram stories into long-term content that your audience can discover in their own time. Adding Highlight to your profile is pretty easy. To create an album in the profile, press the + sign in the "story highlights" section.

When you add a new highlight, a list of archived stories is displayed on your profile. Select the post you want to highlight and click "forward". Of course, you can also create one from an active story. Open your story and click on a heart with "highlights". The cover image of the story will be the first image you uploaded to highlight. Likely, the image will not be aligned well. To enhance the look, click on "Edit Cover" and then drag, zoom in and move the cover image.

Use the features provided by IG

Instagram is a great help to create stories for its users. It offers a myriad of different features that create a little on the platform. These features allow brands to share stories in their style, make them fun, and highly interactive.

So here are some of the features that Instagram has introduced over the life of stories…


Boomerang is a video application that allows you to interpret visual stories in a way that is slightly different from a regular video or photo. Boomerang is a format of something between a GIF and a video clip combined with a short set of photos into a single, fluid image. It's easy to use! On the Instagram story camera, select the boomerang feature and start the shot with the touch of a button.

Questions, poll, slider

Three features that we can no doubt claim to have become the heart of Instagram stories. If you are looking for more interactions with your followers and want to constantly build your community, use them constantly in your upcoming stories. When you add a question mark to your Instagram story, other users submit their answers, which serve to further engage and engage the audience in the conversation. Instagram story polls not only capture the attention of your followers but also create the opportunity to hear your customers' opinions directly.

Instagram has two different poll labels to add to your stories: a classic poll with two customizable answers - from a simple "yes" or "no" answer to personalized text, and a newer symbol slider option (“emoji").

The difference between the original poll sticker and the slider is that instead of selecting two options for answering your question, you choose the symbol that best accompanies your question. Then your trackers can move the symbol to the location of the scroll bar where they believe they belong. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Not only is this a more interactive way for your followers to participate in the survey, but you will also get to know your followers better.

Sharing posts by others

Do you know you can also share other users' Instagram posts on your story? This is only possible if their profile is completely public and allows sharing on stories. All you have to do is click on the small paper plane below the picture and select the "add post to your story" option.
We also find an example of this on Starbucks Instagram in stories. They have a highlight in which they share posts from weddings where the bride and groom enjoy their drinks.

Sharing your location and hashtags

Users can also brand their story from one of these locations. This also translates the story into a location on the "explore" tab, where it can be found by all users searching with a specific location in mind. The feature is not limited to the city - you can mark countries, cities, neighborhoods, and even shops and bars. This is an easy way to reach content with new users who are not yet familiar with your profile. Becoming regular followers is your job.
The same goes for using hashtags. Maybe you're adding them to your Instagram story just for the sake of cool looks. Hashtags are anything but that if you have a good hashtag strategy.

The primary task of hashtags is an effective search (think of Google keywords). The second task is identification. In-app users search for the hashtags that best describe them. For example, they can already have them in their profile description.

Spend time on Instagram Explore the page and see what popular hashtags you can use in your stories.

Apps for better looking your Instagram stories

In recent years, with the rise of Instagram fanatics, many apps have evolved in the market to easily edit pictures and videos for stories. Here are some of my favorites.


If you want to quickly create a collage or add text, Canva is the easiest to use because it offers users a bunch of pre-made templates. You can upload your photos and add icons, stickers, and text. You can use it online or download the app on your mobile phone.


Unfold is an iOS phone app that is perfect for making minimalistic collages for your stories. They have many templates available, and you can mix photos and videos.

Type type

Hypetype is a mobile application that allows you to edit animated texts for your stories. You can choose from different text animations and paste them into any picture. Available for Android and iOS users.


A popular image editing application is InShot. You add a background to your photos that you can blur or replace with another image. It also provides a large range of photo collages with pre-made templates and video editing with video effects. You can also adjust the video speed, which is a useful feature, as videos on Instagram are limited in time.


Later is a management tool that is also available as an application, which is also used religiously in POINT OUT. It allows you to pre-schedule posts and stories. It also offers a link and bio feature to help trackers quickly access the product they see in the image. When a user sees a product they like, the link they find in the profile description takes him to a new page. This page is the same as The Instagram profile they came from. The links in the pictures are consistent with a specific profile post.

The Instagram story in analytics

If you want to harness the power of Instagram story analytics, you'll first need to switch to a business account. Many people think that a business profile on Instagram is detrimental to reach, but the claim is not supported by any real evidence. Also, Instagram has already advertised itself in the past, confirming the fact that there is no truth in this claim. If your reach is still a concern, consider your priorities. Are you ready to suffer a slight drop in reach if you receive in return juicy details about your audience that can seriously increase your growth and sales? Would you prefer to follow the wishes of your followers blindly?

If you have considered the opportunity well and switched to a business account, we can continue to locate the aforementioned juicy details.

When you click on the right menu, you will find the “Insights” button on your profile. Touch the “content " tab, where you can find out all the information about your past stories (14 days ago).

You will find a wealth of data in the analytics of your stories. The purpose of the supplement is to allow businesses to effectively predict the success of their stories. You can also buy Instagram followers UK to increase your reach. So you can find everything in the analytics from views to reactions to a story. Did they look up to her? Did they touch their screen to see the next story? The stories are completely closed.

Useful information is the number of clicks on labels you have added. A sticker is a location tag, hashtag, or tag that mentions another profile. How good are you at guiding your audience to action? The analytics will make it clear how many times people have clicked on the label you added to the story. If you pay a certain influencer as a brand to list you in your story, you can see how effective it was in driving traffic to your site. In short Instagram stories are a great way to encourage creativity and engage your audience. If you have any questions that I have not answered during the blog, I encourage you to contact me on POINT OUT social networks. The team and I will try to answer you quickly and efficiently.

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