Is vertigo a symptom of coronavirus? Symptoms of COVID19

Is vertigo a symptom of coronavirus? Symptoms of COVID19

Recently, the world is under the scam of Coronavirus pandemic, and fighting for survival has become the stake for all nations. The increasing death strolls and infected patients are increasing with each passing day continuing to sweepstake the globe.

CORONAVIRUS has become a global hazardous syndrome that is spreading worldwide with an expedited speed. Doctors and researchers are identifying more and more symptoms every day that contribute to the symptoms of COVID19.

Dry cough, fever, and shortness of breath are common symptoms that indicate a viral infection that can even be caused due to the dangerous virus that is responsible for the increased fatality rate in recent times.

In the current era, whether a person experiences a simple sneeze or has any infection or disease, the dread of a fatal virus gives lines of worries and makes them think are they infected with corona? Or are the symptoms they are experiencing, characterize COVID 19?

Researchers and doctors have recently reported, apart from the common symptoms of coronavirus like dry cough, fever, and shortness of breath some people experience no symptoms at all whereas some experience Malaise, confusion, dizziness, headaches, and issues in the digestive tract. However, loss in the ability to taste and smell or develop diarrhea are some of the other symptoms that contribute to the symptoms of the corona pandemic.

The awe of COVID 19 has made people consider symptoms of other ailments as a symptom of coronavirus. People are considering vertigo as a symptom of a coronavirus as it constitutes symptoms like dizziness and headaches. If a person is feeling dizzy or experiencing severe headaches due to a vertigo condition, the first thing that strikes one’s mind today is, Is vertigo a symptom of corona?

Well, first of all, vertigo is not an ailment, it is itself a symptom of various underlying causes associated with ENT disorders which are diagnosed by carrying out vertigo tests and can be treated well with vertigo treatment and prescribed vertigo medicine. Whereas Coronavirus is a global syndrome, it is a virus infection that comes with the common flu and gets transmitted with a 3X speed.

In this article, we will share what is a coronavirus, and what is vertigo? What are the common symptoms of coronavirus? Andis vertigo a symptom of coronavirus?

Let's get started!

What is coronavirus?

Recently, coronavirus has an outbreak in China which has now reached other nations as well. COVID-19 has increased the fatality rate by each passing day and entire nations are fighting back in search of a pandemic cure.

In earlier times, Coronavirus is a bronchitis virus infection of birds and mammals which can be transmitted to humans by them. In 1960, scientists and researchers discovered the existence of coronavirus in the human body. Common cold and flu can trigger such a hazardous virus which can be transmitted from animals to humans and from human to human as well.

Doctors and researchers have stated that people suffering from the common cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, and severe acute respiratory syndromes are often at higher risk of being affected by a fatal coronavirus. Starting from the common cold, it may even result in an outbreak if the condition becomes severe.

The person with a weak immune system is likely to get affected by coronavirus thereby catching a cold or flu due to coronavirus which may ever recur after 4 months.

Symptoms of coronavirus

Today, the research is taking place on a daily basis, researchers and medical professionals are coming up with more and more symptoms that constitute symptoms of COVID-19. There are still a lot of things about the corona pandemic which we are not aware of comprising all symptoms as well. There are various symptoms that even indicate a COVID-19 fatal disease which we are not aware of.

Common cold, flu, dry cough, and shortness of breath are often considered as common symptoms of coronavirus. The common cold is not always a symptom of the coronavirus; it may even be a sign of seasonal change or may be a sign of a devastating condition. It is advised to consult a doctor without any negligence to get yourself diagnosed as it can prove hazardous for you and your family if you are experiencing a common cold due to coronavirus.

Apart from the common cold, flu, and shortness of breath, there are various other distinctive symptoms of COVID19 as well. The symptoms of coronavirus vary from person to person, some experience no symptoms at all while some experience other symptoms like losing the senses like smell and taste or issues of the digestive tract like diarrhea first. In some cases, the symptoms escalate within a few days if treated on time while some symptoms get severe and prove to be a life-threatening cause. Malaise, confusion, dizziness, nausea, headaches, runny nose, chills or muscle aches, and issues in the digestive and respiratory tract are recently identified symptoms of coronavirus that are previously unknown.

What is vertigo and Is vertigo a symptom of coronavirus?

Well, let me first explain vertigo. It is not an ailment itself, it is a symptom of various underlying causes that comes with its own set of symptoms.

A spinning sensation where a person experiences whether he is spinning or nearby surroundings is spinning all by itself which in reality is static is termed as vertigo. A person experiencing vertigo tends to lose balance and feel dizzy all of a sudden. Vertigo and dizziness often go hand in hand.

An inflammation, infection, or disorder in the inner ear, vestibular system, or in the central nervous system is responsible for causing vertigo conditions in patients. If the condition turns severe a patient may experience recurring episodes of vertigo bouts frequently.

Meniere's disease, BPPV, Vestibular neuritis, labyrinthitis, stroke, vestibular migraines are some of the most common causes of vertigo. To diagnose the underlying cause of vertigo, doctors ask the patient to undergo a vertigo test to examine the condition closely. The right vertigo treatment and vertigo medicine help in curing the condition completely.

A person experiencing sudden bouts of vertigo spells experiences other sets of symptoms as well apart from spinning sensations. Dizziness, headaches, abnormal movement of eyes or jerky eye movements, nausea, and vomiting are some of the symptoms that are often accompanied by vertigo.

Many people are nowadays getting puzzled and considering vertigo as a symptom of coronavirus as dizziness, headaches, and nausea are recently identified symptoms that characterize COVID19 symptoms that were earlier not known. But, it's not true vertigo is not a symptom of coronavirus. It is a condition that is caused due to ENT disorders whereas corona is a hazardous viral infection for which medicals are still working to identify the cure.

Experiencing spinning sensations along with dizziness? Do not worry, you are not experiencing coronavirus symptoms, consult an expert neurologist to get yourself diagnosed for vertigo.

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