Is the COVID 19 Coronavirus a Boon or a Bane? Corona Virus effects on Nature, Lifestyle

Is the COVID 19 Coronavirus a Boon or a Bane? Corona Virus effects on Nature, Lifestyle

For the past few months, one thing is constantly troubling humanity, and that is the new COVID 19 Coronavirus Pandemic. While questions arise like will the Corona Pandemic ever end? This article looks at the pros and cons of the Corona Virus Pandemic. 

Just like every coin has two sides, we have some positive as well as some negative effects due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

What is working?

Let us start with what is working. With the majority of industries and the economy closed down, very few businesses are working currently. And these are majorly the necessities. All the necessary goods and services continue to function as before. While medicals and hospitals are working hard to manage the patients in this pandemic, vegetable vendors and groceries are charging higher to make a quick profit. In all this time we have realized what the necessities for living a simple life are. With shopping malls, theatres and travel completely closed down we now know what is required for a living and what the unnecessary things in life are.

Economic Depression

The countries everywhere are facing a huge depression due to the lockdowns imposed to contain the coronavirus. In this situation, many of the things are in the hands of governments around the world. The economies around the world are already in deep pressure before the pandemic broke out. But Coronavirus pandemic has given rise to a big economic depression, which we might have to face in the upcoming days. 

Poverty and unemployment

The Coronavirus pandemic will make the rich richer and the poor poorer. While the poverty levels rise, another problem imposed upon us is that of unemployment. Unemployment leads to underutilization of human resources, which is bad for the economy. This in turn fuels poverty. And other businesses which depend on the purchasing power of people will also suffer. 

Life and Lifestyle

With Coronavirus pandemic everyone is forced to stay at home. Almost everyone across the world is under some or other type of a lockdown. With this virus, hotels, restaurants may become a thing of the past. At most, we will be able to order food at home in the later stages. But the cafe culture and hotels and restaurants will take a hard time starting again.

Many of the lifestyle changes like eating at home, working from home and online learning are here to stay. We have started to see that these are a better option rather than commuting to work for hours.

Corona Virus effects on Nature

With the Coronavirus, every human being has retreated to the safety of their homes. This has given nature a fresh breath of air. We have been constantly exploiting the natural resources and now in this pandemic, one thing is winning that is nature. Most of the places have rejuvenated in this lockdown period and at many places wildlife is being spotted on the roads and in common public spaces. Birds have got the clear skies to roam around. And many of them have returned to the balconies and rooftops.

Animals and Wildlife

After being at home alone and facing cabin fever we have now realized our cruelty towards animals. Zoo culture and keeping wild animals should now be a thing of the past. Using animals and isolating them from their natural habitats and their groups is so cruel. And this we got to understand only after sitting at home for a while or being forced to stay home for a while. We may have paid a ticket at a zoo earlier, but not anymore. 

Travel Industry

Without any doubt, the travel industry is the worst hit, in these crises. With all the nations sealing their national boundaries and all means of transport completely halted, travel has come to a full stop. It will be some time before we get to travel again. But until then we can appreciate the power of technology and travel virtually. Excessive travel had also caused overutilization of tourist spots and natural resources. This lockdown has given them some time to breathe.

So these are some pros and cons of the Corona Virus Pandemic. We will surely have to adapt and change a few habits and ways of life to survive. And before we even know the pandemic will be over. Until then don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly. Try not to touch your face, and consult a doctor as soon as you have a sore throat or a difficulty in breathing.

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