Within the last few months, a microscopic species, Covid-19 Corona Virus has taken the entire world by a storm and has caused a pandemic to spread across the whole globe. Initially, the disease wasn’t supposed to be a fatal one but it has emerged to become one of the most death-causing viruses that have made millions of people lose their lives since its occurrence. One of the reasons why people are finding it difficult to cope with the diseases is the lack of research and medication available for it to get cured. Lack of an effective vaccination is one of the main reasons why the disease is rapidly being transferred from one person to another and causing this entire havoc.
In a situation like this, the only way to keep yourself protected and away from catching Covid-19 is to take serious precautions which include a religious use of masks and hand sanitizers. These two items are undoubtedly proving to be live-saving machines during these times where they have been of great help especially to the health workers that are on the front line in this combat against the deadly virus.

There are several ways the masks and sanitizers are bringing benefits to us and following are those listed:


Covid-19 Corona Virus is an air-borne disease that can be transferred from one person to another when he/she sneezes or coughs. Therefore, to avoid that type of contact with someone who is affected, it is extremely important for you to have a mask on your mouth so that the droplets of the infection aren’t taken in by you. If you are taking care of someone who is showing the symptoms of the virus or is already affected with it, you must put on a mask to avoid direct contact with any virus particles that might come out of the affected virus when he coughs, speaks or sneezes. Similarly, if you are moving in an environment which is suspected to have virus particles in the air such as in hospitals or laboratories, you must carry a mask to avoid your direct exposure to it. Moreover, if you are an affected person or just showing symptoms, you must put on a mask to not allow that virus to spread to somebody else from your end. However, if you are in a safe environment and are sure of the fact that there isn’t someone carrying the virus, there is no need of putting on a mask since it might cause breathlessness as well. It is also advised to not re-use the same mask again and again and dispose of it after using once or twice.


In the absence of a proper vaccine and a good cure to the novel CoronaVirus, one of the few life saviors is a hand sanitizer. Since the virus can be easily carried away from one person to another via air droplets of his or her own hands if they have touched a virus carrying surface such as doorknobs, it is essentially important to keep your hands clean for the most of the time. Washing your hands after every 15-20 minutes for 20 seconds is the key but everyone doesn’t have easy access to the water supply every time. Therefore, the use of alcoholic hand sanitizers is highly recommended as the 60-80% alcohol denatures the virus by inactivating it which is what we ideally want. It is also very easy to make the sanitizers at home and a single drop is enough for one time which is why they can be used for a longer period of time effectively bringing in protection and prevention for you. Moreover, you must not only sanitize your hands but also try to keep the floors and doors of your house thoroughly clean to keep any approaching virus away.

In conclusion, the masks and the hand sanitizers must go hand in hand if you really wish to bring a change and basically serve yourself with effective protection against the chronic virus. If you will not use a mask and just sanitize your hands, there is no chance that you will not get affected by the virus and vice versa. You need to keep both the things together as your instant go-to so that we can all combat this disease as soon as we can and protect as many people from getting affected as we can. In these trying times, we are also not able to go out and shop for ourselves which is why we would recommend you to check out the Leather Jackets, the Top Gun Jacket and the Captain America Jacket from leatherjackets and moviejackets which are the two amazing sites working dedicatedly to bring a smile on your face amidst these tough times.

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