How to prepare for GRE?

How to prepare for GRE?

What is GRE Exam?

GRE(Graduate Record Examinations) is one of the world’s largest assessment tests for graduate admissions, and it is conducted by Educational testing service (ETS). More than half-a-million students from over 160 countries take this test every year at around 1000 test centers, set up by ETS. GRE scores of applicants are approved for Masters and Doctorate degrees at thousands of graduate programs across the world.
The GRE is commonly used by most of the graduate schools in the U.S. and Canada as well. So, if you're planning to go to a graduate school, you will require to take this test.

GRE-Test Format

The GRE test is categorized into three sections. According to ETS, the GRE aims to determine verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and critical reasoning skills, which have been developed over a long period and are not specifically related to a particular field.

How to prepare for GRE?

GRE test is taken by the applicants who want to take admissions in graduate or business schools. So, candidates who are interested in pursuing a master's degree such as as-MS, MBA, MEM, or doctorate degree may sit for the GRE test. The duration of the test is around 3 hours 45 minutes, including a 1-minute break between each section.

Preparation tips for GRE

Here are the following preparation tips for GRE, which will be very helpful to get high scores in GRE:

1. Pick the right study material.

Most of the students choose one book and stick to it while preparing. Although there are a lot of great books available in the market, so even if you finish one book from the lot, you've not mastered GRE. So, it is necessary to refer to other materials as well; it can help you to get a deeper understanding of the concepts and also enhance your knowledge &skills.

2. Be aware of the exact test format.

If you don’t want to get shocked on the examination day, you should be well aware of the actual test format of the GRE like how many sections it include, what’s the pattern of the exam, what kind of questions would you expect to face in the actual exam.

3. Get friendly with the instructions.

When you are well aware of all the instructions, you don’t have to waste time reading them carefully on the examination day! This GRE test preparation tip will save your time in every section.

4. Analyze your mistakes

It's important while solving practice problems and assessments that you don't escape through your mistakes. You should always try to find out why your question was wrong and then target your mistakes while doing the analysis!

5. Read the question carefully.

You should read all the questions carefully unless you are randomly guessing them. You have to focus your attention on what is being asked because even a slight misreading of the question could completely confuse you.

6. Concentrate on your test

Do not compare yourself to others. Keep your focus on solving the questions. If you think you are getting disturbed by the surroundings during the practice tests, try to concentrate more.

7. Develop your mental stamina

The GRE test is around 3 hours and 45 minutes long. So, it is a very lengthy test, and therefore it's important to develop your patience with enough preparation beforehand. When you have reached a level of comfort with the various sections, the next step is to take complete-length practice tests. Schedule them during the last two weeks before the exam in periodic intervals and remember the areas which are taking much of your time.
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We hope that you will find this article helpful for the GRE test preparation. Try not to stress yourself for the examination, but make sure that you have covered the entire syllabus to get the desired score. Also, good online tutoring services will help you with your GRE prep.

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