How to Get More Out of Your Google Ads Campaigns?

How to Get More Out of Your Google Ads Campaigns?

Like every other business owner, you also want to maximize your conversions and sales. And, just like your competitors, you also have relied on Google AdWords

However, one thing that you want to do differently is that you aspire for staying ahead of the competition. Your Google Ads campaign can do it for you. 


There are the best practices available to manage Google AdWords. For this, you can hire a Google AdWords company for Google Ads management. With a professional team and professional services, the company offers the best results. 

How to optimize AdWords campaigns with a PPC agency? 

In 2000, Google introduced the beta version of Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) with around 350 advertisers. That time, no one even imagined that after a decade this platform would have earned around $52 billion annual revenue. 

Yes, With the help of the best PPC services, you can also reap the best advantages. Here is how these services offer the best output by following below-stated tips:-

Why run a Google Ad? 

You should remember that Ad campaign is not a cost-effective channel. Therefore, it is crucial to comprehend strengths and weaknesses before you invest a huge amount on it. If you take each step with care then it is an excellent channel to avail of measurable, rapid, and targeted results (with leads and sales generation). So, you should know the purpose, invest wisely, and get going. 

Know your Target Audience 

Before investing money, it is wise to invest your time. 

Of course, you should align your resources to know your audience for whom you are going to run a PPC advertisement. You can research on factors such as:

  • Check the prominent websites where your target audience spends time!
  • Understand the language and tone those websites use.
  • Go through the powerful Google ads campaigns that your competitors are running and generating good revenue.

Strikeout Disqualifying Leads

You must start the Google Ads campaign by disqualifying leads. 

Let’s understand it with a Pareto Principle that says 80% business comes via 20% leads. This means that you require using an AdWords campaign to search for those 20% qualified leads and strike out the other 80%. 

Now, the question that comes in your mind is how an AdWords campaign can do it? 

Well, there are many ways but the best one is opting for the right keywords. 

For instance, if you want to market car accessories, so you can run a PPC ad for “car’s accessories.” Don’t you think it is too generic? Yes, it is! Rather you can choose car mats, seat covers, car scrapers. In addition, you can offer discounts. This way, the people who are not going to buy car accessories will not click on the ads. Thus, if you keep the disqualified leads out of the gate then you can maximize your chances of earning qualified leads.  

Select the Type of Advertisement

You have different choices to run an ad. You can choose Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more for PPC campaign optimization. Apart from platforms, you can also select a video, image, or a slideshow. If you have selected Google to run ads, then your options include:

Display Ads - It is a banner ad that can find a place anywhere in the Google ecosystem like YouTube, Gmail, etc. 

Search Ads - You can associate this type of advertisement with PPC. It appears in the form of a hyperlink in the search results when a user enters a particular search term at the time of setting up a Google Ads campaign. 

App Ads - This is the right medium to advertise the app that you have created for sale on Google Play. Using this advertisement, Google showcases its availability on each display network (Google Play, Google Search, and YouTube). 

Video Ads - It is showcased on YouTube and the particular Google partnered platforms. The advertisers can run video ads during, before, and at the end of different videos where the advertiser shares a similar audience. 

So, you have several options for Google PPC online advertising

Go for Mobile-Optimized Campaigns 

In this mobile era, no ad can afford to succeed without earning a mobile audience. Remember that 80% of internet users are mobile users; they use this tiny device to browse the web and buy things. 

Measure the analytics for your generic ad campaign. If its graph shows considerable strength, then you can duplicate it. Further, you can go on optimizing it for mobile users only. 

Ensure that you do it wonderfully for both smartphone and tablet campaigns separately. Keep in mind that different screens of different devices may require specific optimization. 

Use the Display URL for Putting the Keyword 

Is your display URL containing the relevant keyword? If not, you are losing its real impact. 

Use your keyword in the URL, this makes the ad more effective and relevant. Thanks to the digital world, it allows you to generate whichever URL you require for the landing page. Thus, use this step and improve the performance of your advertisement. 

Embrace Geo-Targeting 

You might be running a business that does not appeal to the audience all over the country. Here, Geo-Targeting is a good idea to refine your PPC (pay per click) advertising. This is a perfect hack to earn more quality leads.  

Let’s understand it with an example, suppose you want to target the audience living in the desert. Now, you have a specific area to target, and here comes the role of Geo Targeting. 

With Geo-Targeting, you will bid goodbye to the part of the region where your target audience does not reside. And, your Ad will appear to those who you want to. 

Build a Landing Page 

This is one of the most common mistakes that companies commit who are new to Google Ads. They convert their home page into a landing page to direct more and more traffic via paid ads. Later, they feel that they are not obtaining the results, and out of frustration, they start saying that Google ads campaign is a wastage of money

Let’s understand it this way:-

Your homepage has many things and your landing page targets only a specific topic. If you direct the users to your homepage then they may get confused looking at so many options. So, you should build a landing page that addresses a query that users specifically search for.

Determine your Bid Strategy to Maximize Conversions 

It is good that you have a budget to run a PPC ad campaign, but you have a particular limit for spending. On Google, you will require setting daily budget while platforms like Facebook and Twitter require the selection of increments that you wish your payments to be in. 

Most of the Pay Per Click (PPC) platforms work according to the bid strategy. With bidding, you get varied strategies to make your campaign successful.


Thus, you must have planned to start working on your Ad campaign with these tips. Once it has started working remember that your work is not over, you need to make small variations constantly such as landing pages, keywords, ad copy, and more. If you want to make long-term improvements in your ad campaign, Ads and Url has the most professional team to serve you with. 

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