Gautam Buddha Teachings for Life

Gautam Buddha Teachings for Life

Lord Buddha or Gautam Buddha was a pious man who lived only for others. After attaining the Enlightenment he roamed around and preached his findings of life, death and misery that people face in life. His guidance towards the attainment of complete liberation or Moksha is unparalleled. His Eightfold Noble paths, Four Noble Truths are life-changing paradigms. We shall discuss one by one his essence of teachings and findings of the worldly affairs and his virtues and orations.

  Gautam Buddha Teachings can be understood in following ways:

1: Four Noble truths
2: Noble Eight Fold Path
3: The Five Principles.

On the day of Buddha Purnima, Buddhist monks recite the teachings of the Buddha and devotees are encouraged to follow the path of Buddha.

Let’s try to get the insight of each one by one:

1: Four Noble Truths

Buddha gave four noble truths to mankind, according to Gautam Buddha:

Suffering is there and which is common to all, there is a cause to the suffering and the main cause is “We ourselves”, there is an end to suffering by putting an end to its cause, on the path to end the sufferings everyone can be enlightened.   
  • Suffering
Buddha did not say that there’s no happiness in life. But he said it does not last forever. Everything changes according to him. There is some kind of suffering in everyone’s life which he/she eventually gets. We cry when we are born, we feel helpless when we are sick; we are in grief when some near and dear dies. There are many kinds of sufferings that one has to undergo throughout his/her life.
 In Dhammapada He said "There is happiness in life, happiness in friendship, happiness of a family, happiness in a healthy body and mind...but when one loses them, there is suffering."
  • Cause to the Sufferings
According to Lord Buddha, we ourselves are the cause of suffering. We do things which are not right. Then we expect good results, which is wrong. Bad things will only fetch bad results. That’s the universal truth. Knowingly or unknowingly we do those things which are not good for the body & mind just to gain worldly pleasures and luxuries. Everything comes at a cost and finally we have to pay for it in the form of sufferings that arise.

·         End to Sufferings
We can easily end the sufferings if we end the bad deeds. We can end the bad deeds if we have self-control. We can gain self-control if we put a stop to Greediness and unawareness.  “Nirvana” is what we achieve if we put an end to greed and ignorance.

  • Path towards Enlightenment
The Path described by Buddha towards enlightenment and putting an end to suffering is called the Noble eightfold path. If one follows that path then all sufferings end. We shall discuss it subsequently.
2: Noble Eight Fold Path
Buddha turned the wheel of life when he gave his first sermon in Sarnath. Eight spokes in the wheel represent an eightfold path towards enlightenment and Nirvana, the complete liberation. The eightfold path goes like this: 

  • Right View. See the world with understanding and kindness. See-through the eyes of Buddha.
  • Right Thought. We become what we think. Think positive and with a kind heart.
  • Right Speech. Always be kind and respectful in speech.
  • Right Conduct. Your character is judged by your deeds. Never criticize anyone before checking yourself.
  • Right Livelihood. Earn your livelihood by making others happy. Do not mend your ways to gain happiness if it’s wrong. 
  • Right Effort. Do your best at all times. Do not do any effort that causes harm to others.
  • Right Mindfulness. Correct thought process is needed to attain happiness.
  • Right Concentration. Our focus should be on a single thing. This gives peace of mind and spirit. 
3: The Five Principles
Buddha gave the following rules to lead a happy and blissful life:
  • No killing: Each and every life should be considered important and seen with respect.

  • No Stealing: earn yourself is the basic mantra. Do not steal from others.
  •  No sexual misconduct: One should respect the individuality of others and nature.
  • No lying: Honesty remains the best policy.
  • No intoxicants: Clear thought process is the need of everyone.
  Gautam Buddha’s teachings remain forever and will keep guiding people in this word towards the path of Nirvana. Nirvana is the perpetual deliverance from the misery of life. To enjoy the ecstasy of Nirvana one has to follow the Middle Path or the Noble Eight-fold Path. Life without possessions, without desires & without sophisticated attachments. Life should be filled with empathy & benevolence.

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