Best 6 ways to build muscles easily

Best 6 ways to build muscles easily

In today's generation, everyone wants to build muscles but don't know the right way to build them easily and effectively. If you follow the right strategy and workout plan then you can easily build muscles. If you are one of them then this article will definitely help you in reaching your goals. Today we will share the best 6 ways to build muscles easily with you all. Before getting started I just want to clear that building muscles are a slow and 

hardworking process. Stay consistent and you will definitely feel the result. Let's get started.

Benefits of building muscles

Only a few of us know the benefits of building muscles. If you want to build muscles you must know its benefits. Here we have mentioned some benefits of building muscles.

# Increases your strength- Muscle building helps you in increasing your body strength. It is the best way to release out your weakness and become strong.

Sign of your hard work- Building muscles will make you an idol for other people. Yess highlights your hard work and dedication towards the gym.

#  Raises your personality- A weaker guy will not get a proposal from real women. A man with muscles impresses all the girls. Yesss building muscles will definitely help you in upgrading your personality.

Now all of us know about the benefits of building muscles. Here are the best 6 ways that will help you in building muscles easily.

Best 5 ways to build muscles easily

1. Increase your workout intensity

The rapid way to build your muscle is to increase your workout intensity. If you are doing the lite workout that will not help you in muscle building. You have to increase weights in every exercise as it will develop your body strength. Also, follow the 2:1 ratio of reps and sets. If you do more reps then decrease the volume of your set. This will definitely help you in muscle building.

2. Eat more amount of protein

If it comes to building muscles then nutrition is also as important as the workout. To build muscles eat more amount of protein. Protein helps in muscle recovery and building. So if you want to build muscles easily then increase the protein volume in your diet.

Some protein foods like fish, oats, chicken, etc. You should eat 0.25g to 0.35g of protein per kg of your body weight in your every meal.

3. Decrease rest between sets

Decreasing rest between your sets will also increase your muscle growth. Less rest during exercise will help you building body strength. It also increases your stamina and endurance. So add this strategy in your muscle-building list which will definitely help you in rapid muscle growth.

In common exercise sets, you should take only 5 to 10 seconds rest. In lifting, you should take 15 to 20 seconds to rest only.

4. Focus on calorie surpluses

Calorie surpluses help you in gaining weight and muscles. It simply means that you have to consume more calories than you are burning in the gym. It plays an important role in muscle building. If you are in a calorie surplus then it will become easier to build muscles.

You should calculate calories according to your weight, there are many online websites which helps you in calculating calories easily. For eg My weight is 65 kg to muscle gain and muscle building I have to consume 2500 to 3000 calories per day. Go and calculate your calories and start your transformation.

5. Consume creatine

According to the study, Creatine helps you in muscle recovery and is also responsible for muscle building. If you want to build muscles easily then you should consume one 3g to 5g creatine a day. It also boosts up your strength so you can easily lift heavy weights and can cross your PR (Personal record).

Also, creatine is the cheapest supplement you can buy. Keep in mind that if you consume creatine then you must drink a lot of water which will make it more effective and avoids any side effects.

6. Get proper rest

After a heavy workout, all you need is to give proper rest to your muscles. Many of us do effective workouts but don't give proper rest to the muscles. This is a common problem for slow muscle growth. Increase your rest so that your muscles can recover properly and recovery of muscles leads to muscle growth. Proper rest to the muscles is as important as training your muscles so rest your body properly after a heavy workout.

Recovery of muscles requires proper nutrition and time. You should sleep you 6 to 8 hours after a proper workout. Also, consider 1 out of 7 days as your rest day to rest your muscles properly.

Also, have a proper workout plan that will help you train every muscle. If you are looking for such a workout plan then follow this effective muscle building workout plan Click Here.


In this article, we have shared the best 6 ways to build muscles easily. These 6 tips will help you increase your muscle growth. If you want to build your body strength then also these tips will be helpful for you. Follow these best 6 ways to build muscles easily and effectively.
Thank you.

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