5 ways to keep your AC bills low in This Summer Season

5 ways to keep your AC bills low in This Summer Season

Every year the Indian summer brings in sweltering heat where the air requires constant conditioning. Worried about air conditioner costs this summer? Luckily, there are certain ways to keep your indoors cool that does not involve using one’s air conditioner. Here are 5 tips to save on your AC’S electricity costs this summer.

1. Avoid Overnight Cooling
Many people keep their AC on at nighttime out of habit. However, when the AC performs at a high output for hours on end, electrical costs can add up. In addition to adding to one’s electrical bill, it is not recommended by healthcare professionals to have extremely cool temperatures at night as they tend to dehydrate the body more than average. Hence, either reduce the amount of cooling carried out by the AC at night, or consider sticking to a fan instead of the typical AC cooling.
2. Use your AC’s built-in timer
If the idea of turning your AC off at night sounds preposterous, then use the ACs built-in timer. Even the AC under 25000 comes with this feature. By pre-setting the hours of cooling that you want your AC to carry out, you are putting a limit on its power consumption. Once the timer is on, your AC will be on for a limited time throughout the night, and automatically turn off after. This way your AC can cool the room to an optimal degree without overconsuming electricity.
3. Turn off heat emitting devices
Avoid keeping too many heat emitting devices switched on when you are using your AC. Things like a mini-refrigerator, lamp, television, computer, microwave, oven, or indoor stove are all examples of heat emitting devices. Your AC will be forced to work extra hard to cool the room when too many of these devices are switched on and emit heat as output. By turning them off, you keep your indoor space cool and reduce your cooling demands.
4. Regularly clean your unit
Regularly cleaning your AC unit’s filters and fans can improve their cooling ability. If ACs are not regularly cleaned, dust collects on their fans and filters. This not only affects cooling but also reduces the quality of air being filtered out. Dust also puts your AC at risk of getting damaged. Hence, periodic cleaning every six months for maintaining your unit is necessary.
5. Consider inverter technology
If all else fails and your AC is still a source of anxiety due to the high monthly electric bill, consider investing in an AC with inverter technology. The 1.5 ton split inverter AC automatically regulates output while reducing energy consumption by around 30% to 50%. If you keep your indoors cool, then your ACs output will automatically lessen. Similarly, your AC will perform at different intensities depending on the time of day. Expect low intensity at night compared to that during the sweltering afternoons. Inverter ACs tend to be a higher investment but save on long-term electrical costs.
6. Run Your AC at Moderate Temperature
If you run your air conditioner from moderate to high-level temperatures, it will let you save power, which definitely will be the result of a cut in your electricity bill. As you may have heard in the news already that the government is planning to promote the energy consumption from AC units and soon will issue an advisory to all air conditioning manufacturers that they have to set the default temperature at 24-degree celsius. The figure says if all the manufacturers and commercial units take a note and play according to the advisory, the 20 billions of electricity units could be saved.
Even if you keep your AC temperature at 27-degree celsius rather than 18 degree celsius, you at your own would find the electricity bill cut by 30% approx.
7. Star Rating of AC
Last but one of the most important points over here is that it would be suggested to go for a minimum 3-star rating AC. How much the star rating for that appliance will get increased, the less power consumption and save will be there. There are numerous of the best AC brands that can offer you a good star rating AC, but remember the cost for these models will increase as rating increases. But still, this would be a one-time investment that will differentiate the price by a few rupees but later will save your money by cutting your electricity bills.

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