5 Things You Will Going To Miss Once The Lockdown Is Over

5 Things You Will Going To Miss Once The Lockdown Is Over

Some of us are really done with this lockdown and want it to come to an end as soon as possible, right? Whereas, some of us are really enjoying it (yes, I am talking about the introverts). However, you would not agree more upon the factor that it is because of this lockdown, we have learned many things. Be it solving the glitches in the relationships with our loved ones or be it introspecting self to become a better human, we have grown during this lockdown without even realizing it. Though this lockdown has made us miss things such as online cake delivery in Noida, or hanging out in our favorite cafe, it will be worth one day when everything will fall back in place.

However, this lockdown is now driving us crazy but mind you, once all this is over and we get back to our basic life, we are going to miss these days a lot. It is like mother nature has given us an opportunity to relive and recreate some of the best days from childhood, Yes, from doing all the mischievous things switch your siblings to spending quality time with our parents, all these take us back to our childhood. Let’s discuss in great length these 5 things that we all are going to miss once this lockdown gets over.

Being Mischievous With Siblings:

Now that we have ample time to spend with our siblings, do you also come up with all the mischief activities to carry out? Yes, siblings are the best partner in crime. Just like the old-time in childhood, make the most of this time and do things that make you and your siblings getting reprimanded from your parents. Make memories that will make you burst out in the future when you think of them.

Favorite Food & Snacks?

Tell me, who all are enjoying their favorite dishes and snacks being prepared by their mothers during this lockdown? I think we all are. Yes, from enjoying breakfast with youtube favorite dishes to preparing random snacks and delicacies in the evening, we all are loving these food sessions at home. I am living it so much that I don’t miss the street food anymore. Trust me when this lockdown is over and you will be retrieved back to your workplace, it is the homemade food that you are going to miss the most. However, you can order cake online to appreciate your mom for all the efforts she has been making to make our lockdown a lot more enjoyable.

Binge Watching Your Favorites:

Yes, now that we have got ample time, we all are binge-watching some series and hopping on a new one as soon as one gets over, right? Rember, how impossible it became back in those days when we barely get to watch any. Yes, we are going to miss this as well as soon as we are back in our hectic schedule. Also, watch your all-time favorite movies during this lockdown, else you would not get time to watch them otherwise.

Family Time & Games:

It's not just the mischief that we are carrying out with our siblings these days, but all the games the whole family plays in the evening. Yes, from playing ludo to playing badminton in the backyard of your home, you will miss it all. The best thing about playing these games with the family is not only how entertaining it is, but the smile on our parent's faces and how they enjoy every moment with us. Believe me, we have been making memories for lifetime altogether making the bond with our parents stronger and healthier.

All The Comforts:

Once you are back to your office or colleagues after this lockdown, you are definitely going to miss all the comfort you were getting in your home. Yes from getting up late in the morning to getting prepared food and washed laundries, we are going to crave for it all over again. This is the time we all are enjoying all the luxurious at hoke and loving the best lives away from all the chaos of our life.

So, people crying over this lockdown, better start making memories. Send cake to your loved one staying away from you and convey your love and affection to them as well.

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