14 Steps to Make Sure Traffic

14 Steps to Make Sure Traffic

Everyone got their profiles of various platforms such as Instagram Facebook Twitter and even also on Snapchat. Every person is updating sweets and updating their accounts day by day and even cross-promote their social accounts on blogs as well. In short, the expert tells also things to do on your account and you are doing everything but still, you are not driving in traffic on your site.

The truth behind social media is that it is very easy to pick up such accounts on various platforms but it is very difficult to master such a task. Unless and until you are accurately doing all the things, you could also waste weeks as well as months tweeting and updating without getting anything that you want and not driving expected traffic.

If you are facing issues and you are eerily familiar with these, then here we are showing you 14 tested and proven methods that you can use to drive more traffic and get more engagements on your social media accounts. So, let us begin.

Add pictures on twitter account: It is a myth that Twitter meant to be available for writing the post and not for images. However, the statement is contradicted as Twitter loves pictures. As per the study conducted by Twitter of about 1.22 million tweets, involving images can increase retweets by 37%. For instance, the increase average traffic from the Twitter account of Neil Patel from 7000 to 13000 by just adding images in his tweets. It is easy to analyze how it works as Twitter now shows images along with the news feeds. If you are scrolling the new tweets and looking for something, then a striking image can grasp your attention as compared to the text that is posted.

Do not share Instagram or Facebook Posts on Twitter: the market has done a mistake that is they just upload their post on Instagram or Facebook and share the same on Twitter.  Sometimes, they can also just automate the entire process with the help of some techniques but doing so has some negative impacts that you should know. Firstly, tweets that have Instagram links are 40% less likely to be re-tweet by people. Secondly, 94% and 64% chances of retweet will increase if the tweet includes the link pic.twitter. com.

Usage of mini-Infographics: It is not enough sometimes to explain each and everything in just 140 characters. All your thoughts need to be difficult to get fit into such a small number of characters as available on Twitter. So you can add your content to your tweets with the help of Mini-infographics. For instance, you can use HubSpot if you don't have photoshop skills and you can also use and faster alternative like recite.com.

Share your content more than once: Duplicate content is of no use and it can also affect your followers. Posting one thing, again and again, will irritate followers and thus, leaves a bad impact.

Add on emojis: Emojis are everywhere whether it is text or emails or status updates. The fastest-growing language in UK history is emojis and the brands are using emojis more as compared to anything else. Even, some brands have created their emojis.

Short updates: whenever you’re posting something on Facebook or any other platform, them make sure the update should be precise and short. The shorter update helps the user to spend less time on reading and understanding the posts.

Maintain Curiosity: A curiosity gap can excite your readers and they wonder when they get to know about the upcoming event or thing. People are always doing guesswork to know about a piece of missing updates.

Ask questions or add quizzes: People love to solve questions and this will help the post to get more replies as well as shares to know the right answer.
Twitter Chat Participation: When a discussion is going on Twitter Chat, then try to partake in such discussions and use a hashtag that favors you.

Customized landing Page: It is not only good for driving more and more traffic but also to convert the traffic into regular customers. Unique audiences and contextual relevancy are two reasons due to which custom landing page will be of great positive results.
Use general hashtags: We are using hashtags in all social media platforms apart from LinkedIn. Some brands use the same hashtags multiple times in a single post on the image as well as the caption.

Trigger words: You can get more shares by including some specific words as well as phrases in your posts. You can search for such words that can attract more audience.
Include GIFs: No visual content is better than GIF to describe things as these are short and precise. GIFs are easy to understand.

Link your Facebook updates with trending topics: trending topics are always shown on the sidebar of Facebook and if you’re writing on such topics, then do not forget to include such words.

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