What kind of rug pads do you choose for Hardwood Floors?

What kind of rug pads do you choose for Hardwood Floors?

Damaging your new hardwood flooring is the last thing that you would want to do. The most preferable option is to put 1 or 2 rugs over some high-traffic hardwood areas of your home, mostly under the dining room table or in the foyer. Although, eventually, your rug can cause wear on your hardwood floors! The solution to this problem is to enter a rug pad underneath your rug/carpet. Rug pads go between your hardwood flooring and the rug to prevent slipping and damage.

Why use a rug pad?

The rug pads provide support to the hardwood flooring under your rugs and prevent them from sliding. Also, they protect the hardwood flooring from scratches and foot traffic. Although, there are various types of rug pads available in the market. Selecting the accurate rug pad for your rug and hardwood flooring will help in the prevention of damage to either of them.

What rug pad should be used?

It is crucial to do a small research prior to buying rug pads for your home hardwood floorings. Purchasing the least expensive option may end up costing you greater in the long run, this is because the cheap materials can irreversibly damage your hardwood floorings. Specific rug pads work better on various kinds of hardwood, therefore we advise you to be sure as much as possible regarding your floorings before selecting the rug pads.

100% Natural Rubber Rug pads - These rug pads are best for small rugs/carpets that are usually located in the high-traffic areas of the home, such as the hallways and entryways. The natural rubber material is safe for all kinds of hardwood flooring and finishes, it won't strip or stain or strip anything. This type of rug pads are free from added plastics, glues, or adhesives, this feature makes it a safe choice for your hardwood floorings.

Natural Rubber and Plant Jute rug pads:

If you’re searching for maximum grip and durability for your hardwoods and rugs, this is the best rug pad for yourself. This rug pad is made up of plant jute and natural rubber, instead of sticking to your hardwood floors, this rug pad will offer a strong gripping. Also, It is eco-friendly, because it does not consist of adhesives, PVC, polyester, and apart from that it does not emit any kind of harmful odors. This rug pad will extend the life of your hardwood and rug as well.

Recycled Felt and Natural Rubber rug pads:

The recycled felt and natural rubber rug pads could be the best choice for you. It is specially made to have the highest level of durability and most cushioning. This will make your rug to firmly affix to your floor, even without leaving any harm. Such rug pads are best for hardwood floors that have glossy finishes and polyurethane which are most prone to staining. These rugs are safe for all flooring and rugs, which means your hardwood will be protected for several years.

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