Tips and Tricks for Styling With Leggings

Tips and Tricks for Styling With Leggings

If you want to wear a trending fashion item right, then you need to know and identify its origins. Following the journey of a clothing piece’s beginning, up until this very moment, will leave one with endless ideas on how to wear, what you have like a supermodel. One of fashions newest trends at the moment are leggings.

For many women around the world, the leggings are their staple clothing pieces, the one go-to piece that does not fail, or disappoint if combined properly. It is a versatile piece of clothing that can not be missing from anybody’s wardrobe, and you can wear them all year long.

We have compiled a few excellent tips and tricks for styling with leggings. But before we get into that, let’s see how they unfolded. Modern-day leggings were brought to life in 1959 by a chemist, Joseph Shivers. This was a year after he had invented the synthetic fibre, lycra or spandex, as some call it. For many of us, our first experience with leggings were of the lycra kind, but the origins date further back.

14th Century Style

Leggings first surfaced in the 14th century and were worn by Scottish men. However, these leggings needed to be put on each leg individually and only went as high as the waist. In effect, the first attempt at leggings resembled waist-high boots more than leggings, but alas, this is where it began. As is the case today, 14th- century leggings were used for more than one occasion. The clothing was worn in battle and during the more mellow casual occasions. At the time, the leggings were made with, either leather or chainmail. If ever you watched “A Knight’s Tale” and saw the late, great Heath Ledger jousting, then you have seen chainmail. It is a type of armour that holds small metal rings together, to form a mesh-like appearance, common during these times.

1960 – Present

The 1960s was when fashionistas began accepting the new spandex version of leggings. In the 1970s, the popularity of leggings was flying high, as Olivia Newton-John climbed into leggings. The trend would continue to thrive, as Madonna rocked them in the 80s and Cindy Crawford in The 90s. As the new Millenium rolled in, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton bought the trend back. Today we have Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, using them for a sexy, comfy or workout look.

 Sexy Look

Leggings have evolved from being worn as an undergarment, to being the only layer separating your skin, from the elements of the outside world. If you are trying to look sexy for a special someone, then you should pair your leggings with a crop top. If it’s the evening, consider wearing a formal top crop with your leggings, preferably black, and a classy set of shoes. If you are looking to get the attention of a certain someone at your gym, then you can go for the sexy sport look. Use a crop top sports shirt with a tight fit, and pair it with your leggings and trainers. Enjoy the attention coming your way.

Comfy Look

The reason why leggings are so popular these days is that they are very comfortable, and you can mix and match them with pretty much anything in your closet. From a loose T-shirt, a dress, a crop top, a sweater, you can keep counting. The comfy look is easy to pull off with leggings. Scan through your wardrobe for the longest shirt you own. Wear the shirt like a short dress, accompanied by your leggings of choice, and a comfy pair of boots.

Plus Size Style

The stretchable quality of leggings makes it a comfortable clothing item for all shapes and sizes. To pull off the plus-size look in leggings, you want to make sure that your leggings are long enough and not overly tight, and of a dark colour. Wear a loose-ish shirt or dress, so that you are comfortable and don’t feel like you are wearing a Victorian-era corset. Finally top the look off with a pair of your favourite shoes, to add the extra layer of sexy, to the look.

Butt-Lift Leggings

Butt-lift or booty-lift leggings are comfortable, and fit perfectly and make you look extra fine and confident. To pull off this look, use a sports crop top, so that you show some skin between the top and your leggings. The reason for this is that it brings out the shape of your butt. The point of butt-lift leggings is to be comfortable when exercising, but give you a booty like Kim Kardashian-West, without spending thousands on surgery.

Workout Leggings

Despite the name, let’s look at how you can strut your stuff in workout leggings, outside the gym. For leggings to work outside of a fitness environment, you should opt for a more traditional matte, instead of shiny items. Shiny pants limit the environments in which you can wear them.

Neutral looking leggings will allow you to wear them when getting coffee, at work, or for a night out on the town. Many fashion experts highly discourage the use of high heels with leggings, as they feel it is counterproductive. Wearing the most comfortable pants deserves comfortable footwear, so think of sneakers, flat shoes or at the most ankle-high boots.
Fashion experts feel that stilettos with leggings bring about a trashy appearance, and it is counterintuitive. Why would you wear the most uncomfortable shoes, with the most comfortable pants?

Leggings With Pockets

One element which in the past, been absent on leggings, is pockets. There are some leggings with pockets, available on the market today. Due to the material of leggings, these pockets are not as deep, as say your jeans, or jacket pockets. They do have a sporty appeal to them, but if you wear a long shirt which falls below the waistline, your leggings will look like pants to everyone else in the street. At least you can look even trendier, walking with the top of your hand tucked into the pocket of your leggings.

Now that you have learnt how versatile leggings are, take these tips and tricks provided for wearing them. Don’t be shy to slip them on at the gym, at home, at the office or on a night out with the girls.

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