Status Saver For Whatsapp

Status Saver For Whatsapp

Status saver is the android app that is used to download the Whatsapp status. You can download all the Whatsapp status with the help of this app. this app is for all android applications and this status saver app works on all the plate forms of android. If you like any status on your Whatsapp then there you can download this with the single tap and re-post this on your Whatsapp status.

Status saver for social media is the free android app. The status saver can download all the pictures, Gifs videos and anything that is on WhatsApp status. With the help of this WhatsApp, you can save all the WhatsApp status in your phone gallery. Status saver is a free android app.

Status saver for WhatsApp app provides the feature through which you can download the status. This status saver for WhatsApp also works on the WhatsApp business account. You can download all the status of the WhatsApp business account. Status saver for WhatsApp works on all the android plate form and you can run this app on android phones and android tablets also.

Story saver: This app is also known as the story saver. The story saver is the app that will provide an attractive and easy interface. With this cool interface of story saver, you can interact with and save the favorite story on your WhatsApp. In some words, the WhatsApp status is mentioned as the story that is why you can search this app with the name of story saver.

There are so many other apps that do the same job of saving status for you. But the big difference is that this status saver app is designed with progress and app size perspective. Because of this lightweight and easy functionality, this app occupies less space in the phone memory. There is the option to share the status directly from the app or you can share the photo or video status from the gallery. This app can easily differentiate from others by its simple and easy interface and its smooth functionality.

The offline status saver can download and make visible all the status of your WhatsApp. With the offline status saver, you can see the entire WhatsApp story by opening this saver app. To permanently download the status you have to just tap on the download button and that's it. You can then see this image/photo or video from your phone gallery.

Key features of Status saver for social media:

1. Free download any video or image status without any root.
2. Able to see without giving seen to the person who posted that particular status.
3. You can post or share the status directly from the status saver app.

Note: This app just does the job of the status downloader and you can't open any social media app from this app. There is no option to jump to any social media app. You cannot do any social activity from this app. Errors and bugs will be omitted and any complaint will be resolved as to provide a smooth and functional product is the priority.

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