Latest Gadgets Update

Latest Gadgets Update

Latest Gadgets Updates - 2020

Technology, hmm!no one can deny its evolution and its advancement that how it becomes a great part of our lives and we can’t even think life without it. Like a smartphone, we all are well aware and even you never get separated; In the last year and present year there are many spectacular ideas that came in the market for technological gadgets that you can no longer live without! Do not miss these fantastic gadgets and make the best use of it to highlight your side of intense genius. Let’s thrown an eye on one of the powerful gadgets that we can have with us anytime and it is the smallest one too. Yes! We are talking about about the Digital Wrist Watch. 

Every businessman even a common man has a wristwatch and what if it is digital? Digital watches are the real gadgets different from analog counterparts. They have different cool functions and they display tons of information as compared to the traditional one.

With a great success of different cool smartwatches from Apple, and other different brands like Samsung and others, you may find yourself apologizing for forgetting the clunky digital watch. You know, Casio and Timex watches that have calendars, multiple alarms, time zones, and even fitness tracking on your wrist path before joining Silicon Valley.

These watches combine some of the features of smartwatches with the large battery life of digital timepieces, while offering a weird, eye-catching design and affordable prices. Here we go with some of the latest digital watches pictures and details;


A massive 51mm G-Shock by Casio is designed to ward off abuse. Waterproof and have an anti-magnetic structure to get accurate timing anywhere you go. It is well featured with LED backlight to get exact timing and to use all the functions even in dark. The clock face includes two digital displays to display physical hour and minute hands, plus a second dial, two more complications, and a history, stopwatch (1/1000th of a second), calendar, and other functions.


Swiss digital watches are superb to have on because instead of just slapping the LED display on the military-grade rubber case, Tissot has developed a clock argued more analog than digital.
It has a Swiss-made quartz movement and water-resistant to 100 meters. There is a power of the face of the solar clock rises to the top. The 43mm case is well protected by a sapphire crystal. The body is of Titanium with more than 20 features like multiple time zones, weather forecasts, compass etc.


An the eye-catching retro design reminds us for James Bond that in the Seventies might have worn it. It has cool stainless steel case and scroll wheel. It has great features like a countdown timer, calendar, alarm and second-time zone. It is water-resistant to three environments, or about 30 meters. It has wide case of about 42mm.


Instead of digital timekeeper, Garmin Fenix is a touch screen smartwatch designed to be the best outdoor wearable. Instead of bothering you with games and social media notifications, it has the latest GPS and mapping, a barometer. Water-resistant up to 100 meters.

With one-on-one time to turn clockwise, hiking, cycling and running, colorful entertainment mapping has already been done for Europe. Group Track lets you keep track of your friends while you are looking or skiing.

Health features include 24-hour heart rate monitoring and daily exercise and calorie burn information. It is featured with a VO2Max estimator, allows you to evaluate the maximum amount of oxygen per minute.


Due to its simplest design, it stands out from the rest of the digital crowd. It is featured with analog hour, minute and second hands, plus a small digital display to show the date, alarm, stopwatch and also second time zone.

The watch is timed with quartz movement. It has stainless steel case of about 44mm with rubber straps. It is available in different colors like black, white and gray. Water resistant against five environments approximately 50 meters.


An iconic design, shiny gold model screams the sound of the 1980s, while it is still a bargain.
This digital watch version by Casio is compact and surely unobtrusive when having on wrist. It has a simple digital display for time, date and day are always there on the display. Other features like daily alarm, stopwatch and another optional
hourly chime.


It is a classic calculator watch and one of the best digital gadget to take schools during school timings and happy mathematics assessments. This Casio CA53W-1 is updated with advanced features and have 8-digital calculator, dual time zones, hourly time signals, alarms and automatic calendar. Tiny buttons could be avoidable against the amazing features it has.

All the digital watches discussed have their own features, power and look but they are really mercy for us. Though smartphones have taken a secret place in one’s life these digital watches are smaller and very affordable that anyone could take its benefits. Even today the smartphones are replaced with a small watch to get instant calls, notifications and messaging. Now we have entered 2020 and hoping for more interesting and useful gadgets.

Author Bio: Maria Lena is a professional writer specializing in gadget technology. She has six years of experience in essay writing service industry, writing informative articles and other content for clients.

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