How to stay safe during the global COVID-19 Outbreak

How to stay safe during the global COVID-19 Outbreak

Coronavirus is making the entire world worried. While the government and authorities worldwide are running by the clock in order to contain its spread, there has been a spike in the number of cases. Earlier Italy, then the USA and now India is also seeing a rise in the number of cases after the attendants of the congregation in Delhi have tested positive for the virus and taken to hospitals for treatment. Contact mapping for them is still in progress. Meanwhile, those who are in self- quarantines and those who have to work due to some reason we have some tips which might come handy in protecting yourself against the global Coronavirus Outbreak.

Information is the key

  1. There are many myths around the COVID-19, the primary one being that it spreads from objects or air. This is an incorrect fact as the virus cannot stay alive itself in air or surfaces for long and needs a host (person) to be functional. Animals, specifically dogs can’t get infected with the virus, so if you have one don’t abandon them.

  1. Also, you don’t need to wear masks if you are uninfected. Only a person who is around an infected person or taking care of them needs a mask.

  1. If you have a cold, dry cough or wet cough, most probably it is a flu infection due to seasonal change. You need not worry about that as they are not symptoms of the corona. If you face high fever with flu symptoms and breathlessness, then it might be corona. Corona targets lungs mainly, so it is advisable to not panic and visit a doctor. Follow what your doctor says as there are many people who have recovered from the illness and returned to their families.

Maintain Hygiene

Using just soap and water can reduce the germs you might contract due to any sort of contact. It has been told by The Health Ministry that one should avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth as they are the passages through which viruses can enter our bodies. If you clean your hands for 20 seconds this risk is also reduced. While researchers are trying to come up with a vaccine, the only solution available now is to maintain hygiene.

Physical distancing

Physically distance yourself from meeting anyone whose travel history you don’t know. Many of us always wanted to work from the comfort of our home and get up late in the morning. Now is the time to stay at home, do daily chores and avoid unwanted social gatherings. Think about it as an act of saving yourself and your loved ones. And if you still have the urge to go out, just remember that there are cops with sticks out there. So, you can either take that pain or be at home.

Mind your mind!

Now is the time to just relax and take things a little easy as corona has put a halt to this world for some time. If you are a working professional, you can work in a calmer and better manner without getting up two hours early to reach the office.  One can take out time to be with their families, resolve issues, work on a hobby, start exercising and just yourself be. Your mental health is as important as physical health during this lockdown. If you are facing any problems, there are many organizations providing free counseling services. Motivated steps and all by TISS on the nULTA app are some places where you can seek professional help.

Plan your travel

International and domestic travel has been suspended by the government looking into the welfare of the population. If due to any reason you have to step out of your home, just take every precaution that exists on the face of this Earth. Check the disease rates of that area and proceed accordingly. Keep the basics like sanitizer, gloves, tissues and masks handy. Install the AarogyaSetu app launched by the government as it will tell you if you have around come in contact with any person infected with the coronavirus. If possible, try not to go out until absolutely necessary.

Let’s be proactive

Prevention is better than cure always. Keep sanitizing your phone, doorknobs, front gates or any object you touch on a daily basis. Work on your immunity by eating well, remaining calm and exercising so that energy is maintained to help function effectively. If you have the abovementioned symptoms don’t be ignorant about your life and go seek help. Lastly, don’t hoard things as people who might really need it may go empty-handed. The government has ensured that basic necessities like groceries and medicines are provided through home deliveries, no worries there.

So, lets understand the seriousness of the situation and be sensitive towards each other.

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