How to Grow Your Beard Faster

How to Grow Your Beard Faster

 Bearded budding friends, wondering how to grow your beard faster? I am neither a doctor nor a magician (just a bearded man), but there are some simple tips to follow to increase your chances of having a beautiful beard.

We are not all equal in terms of hair, and some may try everything, they will never have Gandalf's beard (whether white or gray). We will simply have to accept ourselves as we are. Be aware that there is not one beard style, but many. Phew!

How much time required to grow the beard?

You should know that your beard hair has nothing to do with your hair. Indeed, your beard will grow much faster. You can have beautiful hair and no hair on your chin, or vice versa. There is no connection between the two. And if your hair has been growing since you were born, you will need to have reached puberty (when your hormones activate) to start seeing your first beard hair grow.

The hormones responsible for hair increase are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. First of all thickness of your hair, while the second will define the thickness of your beard. The hair growth cycle could be summarized in 3 steps:

The “Anagen” phase: this is the period of active growth which will last between 2 and 6 years. This is when our hairs will be the most loaded with melanin (and will, therefore, need more hormones), and it is also during this period that its pigmentation will take place.
The “Catagen” phase: this is the period of regression, which will last approximately two weeks. At this point, the hairs no longer grow (but do not fall out yet).

The “Telogen” phase: it corresponds to the rest period (lasts between 5 and 6 weeks) at the end of which the hair will fall so that a new hair is formed.

You will understand, the easiest way to improve the growth of your beard is to increase your testosterone and dihydrotestosterone levels. But not chemically or artificially. Exercise, follow an appropriate dietreduce stress, and improve your sleep, and you will increase your chances of having a good beard quickly. Simple, right?

Keep in mind that growing a beautiful beard takes time (several months). You will have to be patient. And although nature plays a predominant role, some advice can be applied to give it a helping hand.

Take care of yourself

Because already, nobody else will do it for you. The quality of your hair (and therefore your beard) is directly related to your health. Compare the beard of a smoker with that of someone who doesn't smoke, the difference is obvious (and I'm not even talking about the quality of their skin). If you smoke, you are leaving with a disability. A word of advice: stop.


Try dieting with protein-rich foods. Without taking the place of a doctor or a nutritionist, decorate your meals with fish, eggs, meats, milk, cheeses, yogurts, etc. Research on the internet, you will find dozens of sites who will offer you ideas for meals rich in protein. Think about natural foods before you want to buy food supplements.

Supplement, if necessary, your diet with suitable minerals and vitaminsBiotin, for example, is an excellent vitamin (H) that helps your body convert food into usable energy. It is found in some foods, but you can also buy it as a food supplement.
For minerals and vitamins, favor vegetables and fruits. You will increase your consumption of vitamins B6, beta-carotene, vitamins C, vitamins E, ...

The best is always to go see your doctor and/or your nutritionist, explaining to him that you want to improve the growth of your beard. He will advise you on the foods (or dietary supplements) to use.

Also, remember to hydrate yourself well by drinking water regularly. It's not just your body that needs it, so it is your beard. Water, minerals, vitamins, and protein-rich foods are essential for improving your beard's growth.

The stress

Easy to say but (much) less easy to do: try to reduce your stress. For hair (and for hair), there is nothing worse. Try sports or meditation. The sport will improve the circulation of your blood, and therefore the growth of your hair. Also, it will allow you to sleep well again. 

Keep a face (and a beard) always clean

Cleanse your face and beard (always with a mild and suitable shampoo), exfoliate your dead cells, and thus stimulate your hair growth. Clean skin will allow the “little hairs” to grow better.

Dead cells often slow the growth of new hair. You will, therefore, need to cleanse your skin and beard by rubbing it lightly (as short as it is) 2 to 3 times a week. Then apply your beard oil, while massaging your face. At the same time, you will improve its blood circulation, promoting the growth of your beard.

Hydrate your beard and skin with beard oil

Using beard oil (preferably of natural composition ) is essential if you decide to let your beard grow. It will allow you to stop the itching inherent in hair growth, by hydrating your skin and therefore your beard. No more dry beards and brittle hairs. Depending on the ingredients in the oil you use, in addition to making your beard less dry and your skin less irritated, it will allow it to grow faster. This is particularly the case of oils made from castor oil.

Some studies also suggest that eucalyptus products may allow your beard to grow faster.

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