How to create a business account on Instagram and Facebook?

How to create a business account on Instagram and Facebook?

Social networks are of great help today to start and publicize different businesses. Various organizations take advantage of the rise of these technologies as an advantage. If you have a company, you need to register on the different platforms in order to promote what you offer.

Using these digital tools will bring you multiple benefits. These include expanding your market, attracting new followers and offering an overview of your brand. If you are failed to attract and get followers organically,  you can buy Instagram followers UK from any trusted service provider. But it is essential that you know how to handle them and, of course, register correctly. In this article, we tell you how to create a business account on Instagram and Facebook from scratch.


Instagram allows you to post images that are interesting to your target audience. Use it sparingly and create photos that match your brand. Before opening an account on this social network, keep in mind certain details. As, for example, you must define the objectives of your company and make a SWOT analysis (strength, opportunities, weaknesses and threats).

From there you can establish a clear content and a more suitable profile. To open your account, you must do it as general users normally integrate. That is, download the application and then enter so that you select "register". Enter the email or phone number of your company.

Add a username that is related to your business name, short and easy to remember. The next step is to go to the main menu. This stage is important because it is time to configure your account to a business. Do it in configurations and clicking on "change to company profile", verify that these changes were made correctly.

Presentation of Profile

After registering you have to modify or place a profile that is consistent and presentable. You can do it in settings and in the "edit profile" section. In this you will place a biography with the essential information about your company. This is basically a short description of the service or product you offer.

Also add an address, if you have one, or a phone number where Internet users can communicate. Likewise, you have the alternative of adding an email account. In total, you will post the most important details in case users want to contact you or ask you some type of question.

If you have a website, you can put it in your bio. In this way, when customers enter your profile they can click and expand the information. Remember to place a photograph that refers to your company. Use the size allowed by the social network, more or less than 110 × 110 pixels, clear and with good resolution.


When you have your account, then you have to plan the content that you will upload. We suggest you use all the functions that Instagram offers you. Among them posting stories, videos, photographs or uploading multiple images. These should be sharp, associated with your goals and creative to generate reactions.

Take care of the size of the photos, the composition of the images, the settings or the filters of it. Also use a precise text that is in accordance with what you are uploading. Don't forget about the good use of hashtags, but you shouldn't abuse them. These will allow your audience to find you, so use the most positioned.

Also do not saturate your users with enough content, otherwise it will be spam for them. You can upload between two or three photos a day and they should not only be images that directly incite the sale. Although they will be associated with your business, consume them with authentic resources.


The way how to create a business account on Instagram and Facebook from scratch is very similar. Registering on these platforms is easier than you imagine. In the case of this last social network you have to have a personal profile in order to open a business for you. After you have it, you should create a fan page, ideal for business.

To access a fanpage, go to the "create" option that appears in the lower area on the left. Then click on "page", then select the type of page. Facebook offers you different alternatives to identify with your business. Among the most common are brand or product and company, organization or institution.

Continue to fill in the data indicated by the social network. Put the essential information, easy to recognize, true and authentic. They will ask you for the specific name of your company, the sector where you will work and a work address. You can also add the phone number in this same part.

More about your account

Next, it's time to shape or introduce your fan page. Therefore, the system will prompt you to upload a profile photo. This is an image that alludes to your brand, try to make it sharp. Also in this step, you can add a cover image.

You can also start inviting different users to join your fanpage. Remember that before doing so, your page must be presentable, in a good way and arranged. In this way they can contact your business. One way for them to integrate into your community is by inviting them to like you.

Do not leave out the name of your fanpage either. This like the username is very important. It has to be one that stands out, is linked to your brand name and is easy to remember. When they look for you, they can easily get you. After selecting it, the system will give you your final URL.

Description of your brand

When you have all this ready, it is time to detail your brand information so that it becomes public. Specify the service or product that you specifically provide. Generate content where you explain the benefits of your business. You can even associate your Facebook account with that of Instagram and start enjoying the economic benefits.

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